Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Just thought I'd share with you all my very favourite hat.

I suppose this sums up the "Kitty" half of the blog name...... :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday

1. McMinis
Now. I am no way condoning eating at McD's, infact, I normally never ever ever do. But then once upon a time a silly girl named KATIA, forgot to bring her lunch to eat between classes! And so, the cheapest food available was McD's. Did you know they had these mini sandwhiches with pesto, MANGO, and spicy thai sauces? HOLY DELICIOUS. I am obsessed. Which is so bad. But soooo goooooood.

I'm sensing an animal-pattern theme in my "likes" lately, and in this lovely reddishbrown/beige combo... first last week's dress now this? Oh well, I LOVE this from Spotted Moth. Makes me want to work so I can save up for things like this....

You know the illustrator/writer of Where the Wild Things Are (another absolute always favourite of mine!)? Well after 30 years, at the age of 83, he published another illustrated book called Bumble-Ardy. He wrote it as a way of focusing his energy on something positive as the love of his life was ill and passing away. How inspiring is that? I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

4. Jason Mraz's New Song
I've been a long-term Mraz fan, and his new single leaves me so excited for his new album to come out soon! Can't get enough of this toon, his work is always so light hearted yet meaningful all at once.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Comfy Time!

Cold weather always brings me the need for comfort, for big fat-knit sweaters, warm drinks, fuzzy socks, scarves, you name it. I turn into a giant cuddle-bug and want nothing more than to snuggle up with a blanket and watch my favourite movies or read a great book. That, for me, is what the colder months involve. A modern day hibernation of sorts, basically!

Today I decided it was time for some hot chocolate. So I grabbed one of my adorable mugs, heated up the milk, and plopped in a few spoonfulls of chocolate powder.
But then.
I did something daring,
something I should have done years ago....

I put. Maple Syrup. In my Hot Chocolate.

My reaction looked a little something like this:
It was absolute heaven in a mug.
Like, seriously. Try it, hot chocolate will never be the same again.

(ps. I know, Maple Syrup? So Canadian of me. I had might as well wear white and red and grow some moose antlers.)



Today I sketched a naked man in class. It was my first time doing life drawings, it was surprisingly not awkward, save for my friend trying to abuse my tendency to blush by telling me specifically NOT to blush (Thankyou Ana!). Reverse psychology works best on blushers let me tell you.

I have no classes on fridays, so tomorrow's the weekend for me already! Hurrah! Lots of homework to be done. But I have some pretty fun projects so it should be swell!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nom Nom Tuesday!

Yeeeayyy another feature!
This wasn't really a planned part of the blog, and it may not be weekly, but I wanted to share a recipe today and I thought, why the heck not? I'm into cooking, and food, and obviously; eating it, so I am sure I will have plenty to say on the topic of 'noms'!

As this week's little laptop-touch-pad-made illustration suggests, this week I tried a little appetizer recipe using eggplants. And what better to put on, well, everything, than goat cheese? Here's what I did!

What You Need:

2 small eggplants
half a stick of goat cheese (similar in size to half a stick of butter)
a shallot
a few pinches of oregano
baby tomatoes (as many as necessary)

1. To start! Slice eggplants into apprx. 1/2 inch, round slices. Lightly salt both sides of the slices (this soaks out the bitterness of the eggplant.) and lay them to sit on paper towel for 20 minutes.

2. In the mean while, chop the shallot into super tiny bits. Basically, chop it until you're left with onion confetti (except you probably don't want to start throwing this stuff in the air....)

3. In a bowl, mix goat cheese and onion bits together with a sprinkling of oregano (amount depends on personal preference! I put in just a few pinches.) If the mixture feels dry and is breaking off into chunks too much, add a little bit of milk.

4. After the 20 minutes of sitting are up, place eggplant slices on a pan then put in oven to broil. After 3 minutes, take slices out, flip, and put back in oven for 1 minute.

5. Remove slices. Top the eggplant with the goat cheese mix as thick as you'd like. Then, place sliced tomatoes on top and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Optional: Place appetizer back in oven at a cooler temperature just to heat goat cheese through. 

When I tried this out for the first time it worked wonderfully, and my family and I enjoyed these as a side for our dinner. I definitely recommend trying it if you've got some spare time and a craving for eggplant (because, obviously, I'm sure that happens all the time.... ahem.)

Even just looking at these pictures, with all that goat cheese all warm and yummy, makes my tummy grumble.....


I apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. I've been sans-camera for about a week (yes, yes it is killing me on the inside.) and have thus been left to resort to webcam photos or nothing at all... and to be honest, for an outfit post? I'll just wait until I get my camera back TOMMORROWWW. So that'll come soon :)

Let me know if you try out this eggplant recipe? I understand it's not everyone's taste, but that's ok!


Monday, September 19, 2011

7 things

Ooh what an exciting day! I was tagged by the lovely Ana from Playground Love for an award of sorts, where I now have to say 7 things about myself. I was planning on doing a post like this anyhow, this being a new blog and all, so this is the perfect excuse! 

Here are the rules:
1. Say "thank you" with a linking post
2. Write 7 things about yourself
3. Give the award to 15 other blogs
4. Inform them about it!

So, without further ado!

I may or may not have originally taken the above photo while holding up 8 fingers instead of 7...
Well, now you all know why I'm not taking math in school....
I am a total sucker for thrifting & garage sales & sales racks. I hate cheap quality but I laaaav cheap prices. I suppose that makes it hard for me to shop, but in the end I save money so, ha!
The kid's section of Ikea is still my favourite and always will be. I wish I could have this [x,x,x] set of furniture, I'd feel like I was living in a Blue's Clues episode...

I speak french fluently. I'm out of practice at times, so certain words can slip my mind, but I can hold a pretty in depth conversation with anyone french. Unless you annoy me, then I might fake being horrible so that I have an excuse not to talk to you (kidding.. sort of. hehe)
I keep a journal and a sketchbook with me at all times. The journal is used for things ranging from sketch ideas to expense tracking, it is basically a hectic, written reflection of the twisted workings of my mind. It should really be sealed with a big "OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK" sticker.
I watch Grey's Anatomy (call me lame I don't give a bleeeeep.) I am ecstatic for the new season to come out, IT'S SO SOON BUT I CAN HARDLY WAIT!
I jog. Slash, I run. Whichever term you prefer, I have a treadmill and often run while watching a TV show or movie. Combining lazy habits with exercise? It's a genius plan if you ask me. :D

So there you have it!
I'm supposed to tag 15 people? But I don't think I know enough bloggers who haven't already done this type of post 500 times, so I'll tag the following:
Jacqueline  - Diamond in the Dark

Hope to be reading 7 things about each of y'all soon!
I have a few upcoming posts this week, including a great recipe I found, an outfit post, and a little something more :)

So here's to the upcoming week, may it be wonderful!

I recently acquired a brand new duvet & duvet cover.
Getting out of bed in the morning just got 999375 bajillion times more difficult...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday •

I would like to introduce my very first, very exciting feature here on Kitty Snooks! Similar to the vast majority of other bloggers out there (I'm not being particularly original here, but that's okay...) I'm starting up a feature about the things I develop a soft spot for during the week. Me being an avid internet-browser, clothes lover, closet-shopaholic, etc. etc., I usually develop quite a list of things I want. These lists usually remain hidden away in the depths of my IPhone, but I thought I'd start sharing some of the list items up here instead! So here goes!

 I am in love with this dress. From the very moment I saw it on Emma from Food Coma it called to me. I basically have never been so instantaneously enthralled with a piece of clothing. 
Can I let you in on a little secret?
(I bought it......)
Well. To an extent... maybe.

2. Hedgehogs.
I have decided that I am to be a happy, crazy cat lady for the rest of my life. Except instead of cats, I'll have hedgehogs. I don't know why these little guys have caught my attention, but I just can't get enough of them! Tell me this little balled up creature doesn't make your heart melt?
But in all seriousness, I plan on adopting one of these babies when I move out & end up somewhere that allows pets. Yay for over-planning my future!

3. The Kooks.
How do I begin? Since I first discovered their song "Naive" (covered by Lily Allen, some people know that version better.) I have been a huge fan of The Kooks. They recently came out with their new album  "Junk of the Heart", it actually came out this week! I super highly recommend that you check these guys out, they're fabulous!
And even more exciting than the new album?
It's on my sister's birthday, and my birthday is two days before, so my parents bought us tickets as a birthday gift! I'm so excited. I plan on taking my sister out to sushi for her 16th and then we'd head to the concert after that :)

4. The Small World Project.
This is a blogger project being run by Bree from The Art of Being Cool. It is a sort of penpal project she's running to try and get people to actually interact the old way, not through facebook and texting and all of that, but to really be given a piece of that person (literally of course, I don't think many people would want to receive someone's finger or toe in the mail...). I think it's a fantastic idea! I've always wanted a penpal, and I always wished people still sent letters to one another.
There's still spots available in the project if anyone is interested - I'd definitely suggest taking a peek!

5. Patterned tights.
If I had money and a walk in closet that would fit all the clothes I'd love to have, I'd have about a thousand of these! I just love patterned tights when they're done well, Perfect for weather when a basic comfy sweater is all you want to wear up top.
(all from Forever 21)

Anyhoo! That's it for today! 

I wish you all a very happy, laughy weekend!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Syndrome

The start of this blog coincides with the start of a lot of things for me; university (which more or less encompasses the rest), a slightly more adult life, a lot more freedom (and with that, more responsibilities!), spending large amounts of time surrounded by creative people, etc. At times like these, when the possibilities for what lays ahead feel so infinite & endless, I find myself developing September Syndrome.

What is the September Syndrome you may ask? Well, its a term devised by my step mom meant to describe that feeling at the start of school/work/etc where the wheels of your mind turn and turn and turn and ideas of what you want to achieve this year pop up left right and center! I have the strongest tendency to do this, it happens every year.

Whether it be planning to take dance classes (and maybe karate, gymnastics, and swimming too?) or hoping to enroll in piano lessons (and maybe guitar and vocal lessons as well?) Or maybe considering joining the poetry club at school (and maybe the sketchbook club, zine club, and yoga club on top of it all?). Yes. These are my current thoughts in a nut shell. But on top of homework, school, friends, family, and everything else that comes with LIFE, if I sit down and think about it realistically I know I'd go crazy. Heck, I already have my crazy-stressed moments!

Do any of you guys get September Syndrome too? Or am I alone with this aspirational-habit that leads to copious amounts of stress? Either way, I'd have to be super-human to balance everything I want to try!

Oh, wait....

Yea, no, even Super Kitty Snooks couldn't pull it off. Nice try though, Super KS.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guelph Trip Photos *

My weekend away to Guelph was the loveliest couple of days! I was lucky enough to see a few of my really good friends, and make some really great memories with them!

My bestest friend (mentioned in a previous post) Kami, was kind enough to let me stay in her home for the weekend! Her and her roommates took such good care of me - we had a morning of delicious waffles on saturday!

My pretty Kamillama making the waffles.

Two of her house mates in their lush, beautiful backyard.

We love waffles, and the waffles love us....

I got to experience a bit of the frosh events at the university, one involved some free henna tattoos so immediately I jumped on getting one done! There were also some hair extensions you could purchase where the proceeds went to cancer research, so my friend, myself, and her roommates each got one!

I am the biggest, most ultimate goofy version of myself with this girl.
(PS. this outfit is to be featured in my next outfit post! BE EXCITED - I sure am!)

Kami's roommates were also adorable, I'm in love with this shot of her and Sylvia, the colour matching was entirely unintentional!

My last night, we decided to do some stargazing. The stars in Guelph, though not quite as awe-inspiring as the ones even farther out of town, were far more extravagant than those usually found in the Toronto night skies, so this was such a magical experience for me!

I was in love with these flowers in their backyard, I wish I had these close by to me at home!

All in all it was the perfect little get away, it was an amazing mood-lifter and I felt refreshed and ready to face my week of 'REAL' university work (eeeeep!). It's weighing heavy on my shoulders, but tommorrow I have an entire day at home with no classes, so I'll be working really hard on all of my work then. More posts to come though, including an outfit post and maybe something a little silly too :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Just welcoming you all to Kitty Snooks with a little bit of sass ^ ! (Except I'm really not all that sassy, I just like the colours and my hair in this picture. Shhhh!)

This is my shiny brand-new blog on which I plan to post outfits, thoughts, pictures, guest posts, etc. etc. etc. I've had many blogs before (as some of you know), but they were either too personal or too IMpersonal. So here I am trying to find a happy balance on Kitty Snooks.

A little background if you're finding me online for the first time ever: My name is Katia, I am a silly 17 year old canadian design/illustration student with an affinity for all things beautiful and creative. I have another blog, LovePotatoe, on which I post a creation a day for all of 2011. I am just starting my first year studying at OCADu (Ontario College of Art and Design University) (yes that does have both "college" and "university" in it... best of both worlds?) I love fashion, I love music, I love pretty things, I love positivity - which is probably a huge reason why I wanted to make this blog and why I love reading everyone else's blogs!

I have no clue where Kitty Snooks will take me in the future, but I'm really excited to explore its potential! And I genuinely hope you'll come along for the ride, and maybe find a little bit of a smile through reading my thoughts.

I'll be posting some actual interesting(hopefully) content soon!