Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guelph Trip Photos *

My weekend away to Guelph was the loveliest couple of days! I was lucky enough to see a few of my really good friends, and make some really great memories with them!

My bestest friend (mentioned in a previous post) Kami, was kind enough to let me stay in her home for the weekend! Her and her roommates took such good care of me - we had a morning of delicious waffles on saturday!

My pretty Kamillama making the waffles.

Two of her house mates in their lush, beautiful backyard.

We love waffles, and the waffles love us....

I got to experience a bit of the frosh events at the university, one involved some free henna tattoos so immediately I jumped on getting one done! There were also some hair extensions you could purchase where the proceeds went to cancer research, so my friend, myself, and her roommates each got one!

I am the biggest, most ultimate goofy version of myself with this girl.
(PS. this outfit is to be featured in my next outfit post! BE EXCITED - I sure am!)

Kami's roommates were also adorable, I'm in love with this shot of her and Sylvia, the colour matching was entirely unintentional!

My last night, we decided to do some stargazing. The stars in Guelph, though not quite as awe-inspiring as the ones even farther out of town, were far more extravagant than those usually found in the Toronto night skies, so this was such a magical experience for me!

I was in love with these flowers in their backyard, I wish I had these close by to me at home!

All in all it was the perfect little get away, it was an amazing mood-lifter and I felt refreshed and ready to face my week of 'REAL' university work (eeeeep!). It's weighing heavy on my shoulders, but tommorrow I have an entire day at home with no classes, so I'll be working really hard on all of my work then. More posts to come though, including an outfit post and maybe something a little silly too :)



  1. we love waffles, too! In South Korea they have super giant ones!! Here in Russia we don't have that big kind..

  2. Thank you for your comment ! You were jealous of my crepes and now I want waffles !!! Your blog looks nice, I'm following ! If you want to follow mine, don't hesitate !