Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nom Nom Tuesday!

Yeeeayyy another feature!
This wasn't really a planned part of the blog, and it may not be weekly, but I wanted to share a recipe today and I thought, why the heck not? I'm into cooking, and food, and obviously; eating it, so I am sure I will have plenty to say on the topic of 'noms'!

As this week's little laptop-touch-pad-made illustration suggests, this week I tried a little appetizer recipe using eggplants. And what better to put on, well, everything, than goat cheese? Here's what I did!

What You Need:

2 small eggplants
half a stick of goat cheese (similar in size to half a stick of butter)
a shallot
a few pinches of oregano
baby tomatoes (as many as necessary)

1. To start! Slice eggplants into apprx. 1/2 inch, round slices. Lightly salt both sides of the slices (this soaks out the bitterness of the eggplant.) and lay them to sit on paper towel for 20 minutes.

2. In the mean while, chop the shallot into super tiny bits. Basically, chop it until you're left with onion confetti (except you probably don't want to start throwing this stuff in the air....)

3. In a bowl, mix goat cheese and onion bits together with a sprinkling of oregano (amount depends on personal preference! I put in just a few pinches.) If the mixture feels dry and is breaking off into chunks too much, add a little bit of milk.

4. After the 20 minutes of sitting are up, place eggplant slices on a pan then put in oven to broil. After 3 minutes, take slices out, flip, and put back in oven for 1 minute.

5. Remove slices. Top the eggplant with the goat cheese mix as thick as you'd like. Then, place sliced tomatoes on top and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Optional: Place appetizer back in oven at a cooler temperature just to heat goat cheese through. 

When I tried this out for the first time it worked wonderfully, and my family and I enjoyed these as a side for our dinner. I definitely recommend trying it if you've got some spare time and a craving for eggplant (because, obviously, I'm sure that happens all the time.... ahem.)

Even just looking at these pictures, with all that goat cheese all warm and yummy, makes my tummy grumble.....


I apologize for the lack of outfit posts lately. I've been sans-camera for about a week (yes, yes it is killing me on the inside.) and have thus been left to resort to webcam photos or nothing at all... and to be honest, for an outfit post? I'll just wait until I get my camera back TOMMORROWWW. So that'll come soon :)

Let me know if you try out this eggplant recipe? I understand it's not everyone's taste, but that's ok!



  1. mmmmm!!
    This is definitely added to my to cook list!

  2. You know, I've never had eggplant before. From what I hear, people either love it or hate it. I might have to try this recipe. Cute blog, by the way! :)


  3. This looks so delicious! Maybe I'll find the time next week to try that! Wish you a lovely weekend!