Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Syndrome

The start of this blog coincides with the start of a lot of things for me; university (which more or less encompasses the rest), a slightly more adult life, a lot more freedom (and with that, more responsibilities!), spending large amounts of time surrounded by creative people, etc. At times like these, when the possibilities for what lays ahead feel so infinite & endless, I find myself developing September Syndrome.

What is the September Syndrome you may ask? Well, its a term devised by my step mom meant to describe that feeling at the start of school/work/etc where the wheels of your mind turn and turn and turn and ideas of what you want to achieve this year pop up left right and center! I have the strongest tendency to do this, it happens every year.

Whether it be planning to take dance classes (and maybe karate, gymnastics, and swimming too?) or hoping to enroll in piano lessons (and maybe guitar and vocal lessons as well?) Or maybe considering joining the poetry club at school (and maybe the sketchbook club, zine club, and yoga club on top of it all?). Yes. These are my current thoughts in a nut shell. But on top of homework, school, friends, family, and everything else that comes with LIFE, if I sit down and think about it realistically I know I'd go crazy. Heck, I already have my crazy-stressed moments!

Do any of you guys get September Syndrome too? Or am I alone with this aspirational-habit that leads to copious amounts of stress? Either way, I'd have to be super-human to balance everything I want to try!

Oh, wait....

Yea, no, even Super Kitty Snooks couldn't pull it off. Nice try though, Super KS.





  2. Thank you so much for the blog comment. you know I am loving your blog, they design is really coll and you seem to be a really fun person.
    You just got yourself a new follower. And I too, suffer from September syndrome. I always plan how I am going to study a lot more, and have one of those study plans, but in the end, I always ended studying the night before the test. Oh well..