Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Hair-story.

You know that feeling where you're always so busy and it drives you a little bit crazy, but you really love being busy anyway?

And then, do you know that feeling where you have a day (like today) where you can actually afford to stay in bed even after you've woken up? It's the greatest.

Well here's a bit of  share-day!
This was shared on LovePotatoe when I had first dyed my hair reeeeed. Now, there should technically be yet another colour. But you've already seen that here on Kitty Snooks, so here's my hair-volution from the past year!></div><div class=

Kinda fun right? I love playing with my hair, but for now I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with my "go natural" plan - being a university student isn't easy on my wallet, and neither is colouring one's hair.

But... maybe one day I'll go red again. I loved loved loved being a fire-truck-red-head. Admittedly, it made wearing red-lipstick really tacky, and it made me look like a clown if I tried to wear yellow, but I seriously loved it! 

So there you have it, my little hair-story. :)
Hope everyone's weekends have been a blast!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday •

The colder the weather gets, the warmer my life gets. It's really quite interesting, I'm surprised as usually my life cools off with the weather. I'm most definitely not complaining though!

1. Spending time with my Siblings
Yes. That is me in the first picture with the dorky smile, and again with the (BLONDE!) hair and prom get-up. (I'm planning a separate post for my grade 12(senior year) hair-volution! I once even had fire truck red hair...)
Anyway. Lately I've been spending a lot more time with my brother and sister. They just warm my heart, in fact I'm just about to go shopping with my sister for some fun bonding time (ok, we actually just need new clothes. But both reasons work...). These two rock my world, I'm so lucky to have them ( xoxoxo )

2. "Chinchilly" nail polish by Essie
Ok. I only have one hand painted. I'm not particularly able to paint my right hand nails, it's quite the dilemma at times. But I just bought this gray-ish colour yesterday and I'm so happy I did! I'd been eyeing the toned down shades of nail polish for a while, but I don't normally indulge in beauty products, even if they're rather well priced, but I thought this particular purchase was worth it!)
Also, the name of it just ups my love for it to another level, so caaah-uuute.
3. This hat from New Era
So I realize this is a men's cap, and that I don't generally enjoy the style the 'flat caps' are associated with, I JUST REALLY LOVE SOME OF THE SPECIAL EDITION HATS that new era sells, and this Mickey Mouse series is just so adorable. Maybe I'm just an illustration junkie (probably), but I love this. I might treat myself with it, eventually.. maybe.

4. Nanowrimo.
Also known as "National Novel Writing Month", November. Basically a community of people of questionable mental stability participate in this outrageous challenge to write 50 000 words, an entire novel, in one month starting November 1st. Prizes? None, other than personal pride. However, having participated 2 years ago and only made it to 20k words, I can say that even without winning it's a freakin fun experience! There's this whole online community with forums and lots of funny, inspiring people. If you're a writer, I'd definitely look into it, it's a really exciting thing to try out! I plan on participating this year :)

5. Slumber parties!
Tonight I was invited to a giant slumber party with some friends from class! I am so so excited for it, pyjamas, fatty snacks, pillows, movies and karaoke! Can it get any better? Makes me all nostalgic for way back when slumber parties were the thing to do. I had my first on my 10th birthday, I still remember how exciting it was!

Happy weekend everyone, I'll be back again tommorrow!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a Gourd ol' Time!

... did I ever mention that I make way too many lame jokes?

 I had to paint a gourd as an assignment for my colour in context course,

I. Adore. Gourds. They're so awkward and ugly but beautiful all at once!

So of course, I couldn't resist taking a few photos too!

(all images (C) Katia E.)

The first gourd didn't get as much spotlight as the little one. But that's just 'cause he's shaped a little inappropriately... poor fellow.

I ended up painting based on the second to last image, and it turned out really well! I might share it later on, maybe maybe maybe.

And simply due to a lack of signature silly selfies (alliteration! yay!) on the blog lately;

I named him Gordon the Gourd. Creative yea?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday •

1. Doc Martens
Lately, I've been in the mood for boots since winter is coming! I really would love a pair of Docs, I love this teal colour shown here, but they'd clash with most of my clothes, so I'd probably just one some plain black ones. Do any of you guys own docs? What do you think of them?

2. PUGS.
I know in one of my last soft spot saturdays I posted about hedgehogs, and of course I still want one of those (probably before I ever consider getting a pup!) 
But I love pugs lately. I think they're the cutest little awkward looking cuddly little things!

I think this is just the comfiest, coolest looking jacket for fall/winter!

I've been using polyvore a lot lately, I love making up outfits on it and daydreaming about actually owning the things to make the outfits with! They have some reaaaallllyyy cool clothes to play around with on it, I'd definitely suggest trying it out if you don't know it already!

5. This time of year.
(via weheartit)
I know my last post was all about fall, but I swear I'm not being repetitive - This time of year means a lot of things aside from the weather too. Around thanksgiving 59 years ago, my grandmother and grandpa met eachother. 3 years ago this same time, my dad and step mom got married. These are two very powerful, wonderful couples and I really look up to both of them. I'd like to think I'm walking in their fallen-leaf-crunching footsteps too... hehe ;)

I've been having a really busy but lovely time lately, I hope it's been the same for all of you!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Small World Project // round 1.

Hi guys!
So if you recall, I posted previously about The Small World Project started up by Bree from The Art Of Being Cool blog. It's basically a project where a group of bloggers act as penpals for a month and write eachother letters!
I unfortunately was unable to participate with my actual address, so I suggested that I still send out letters and just receive emails loaded with links and goodies instead, and the rest of the girls were okay with that thank goodness!

My first email was from the lovely Katie from Breathe & Hush, a cute little blog, check it out! She sent me a whole lot of really cool links that I'd also like to share here!

A PEACOCK CUPCAKE?! I don't know how Katie knew it, but I am. In love. With cupcakes. And this one is just stunning and looks so scrumptious!

I've seen this before - but this reminded me of it, and I've yet to do this at a party! (Don't you want to invite me to all of your shindigs now....!) Hahahaha I think it's pretty genius.

I sent my first letter out to the lovely Melissa and I don't think she's gotten it yet (I'm in Canada, all these girls are in the states!) but I can't wait for it to get to her - I'll let her do the posting about it once she gets it, so as to not ruin the surprise!!

Hope everyone's weeks are off to a super start!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Falling for Autumn.

(puns as titles ftw!)

Day by day, as we get further into the season, I start to appreciate it more and more. I keep having those moments, the ones where you feel suddenly overwhelmed by how beautiful the world can be?

I love how excited the birds are this time of year, all gathering and getting ready to migrate south for the winter. I love how golden the sunshine becomes, how warm the colours of the leaves turn.

Autumn brings with it the very best holidays, the ones that bring everyone together and and encourage us to express our love and appreciation for each other, thanksgiving, halloween, etc. I've never felt so connected to my family and friends as I do now, not that I can specifically remember that is. It just adds to the warm magic that is, Autumn.

(this above photo was taken exactly a year ago today!)
(all of these are my photos over the past 2 autumns!)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

123, ABC!

This has been floating around, and I keep being asked to do the 7 things about me post again - so I thought I'd do this one instead!!

Age: 17.... I'm a baby.. shh!
Bedsize: twin for now, getting a queen soon!
Chores that you hate: Cleaning up my dog's "business" in the backyard. Ewwy.
Dogs: Oliver (little tiny pup) & Milou (huge hairy adorable monster)
Essential start to your day: an uplifting song :)
Favorite color: I've found I love light teals, but also corals! But I just love colours generally....
Gold or Silver: I went through a big silver phase, but right now im liking the idea of coppery-golds, just warmer tones generally!
Height: 5'5".. ish?
Instruments you play: I know a few guitar chords & I used to play piano & the saxophone - wish I could get back into it sometime!
Job title: student!
Kids: I love kiiddss, I worked with them this summer & it was the loveliest!
Live: life to the fullest... ?
Mother's Name: Annick. It's that beautiful?
Nicknames: Kitteuh, Kitty and KitKat are the main ones!
Overnight hospital stays: never!
Pet peeves: right now I hate having a cold. Its the worst thing ever ever.
Quote from a movie or tv show: "You were like coming up for fresh air. It's like I was drowning and you saved me, that's all I know" (Derek from Grey's Anatomy. SoMuchLove.)
Right or Lefty: right handed!
Siblings: 3
Time you wake up: Depends on the day, I have some 6:30 wake ups and some sleep ins.
Underwear: under where?
Vegetable you hate: mushrooms! Do those even count?
What makes you run late: debating what to pack for lunch for the day
X-Rays You've Had: never none!
Yummy food you make: ... pop tarts... in the toaster... :)
Zoo Animal: Zebras giraffes and rhinos!

While hanging out with some friends after drawing class, we all had our sketchbooks out and were working on doodles or assignments. Someone told me I was dressed like an art student today, and all I could do was give them a really funny look as I looked around and thought... "but I am an art student?"

 And then I just smiled because - yes, that's what I am. I'm an art student. I am surrounded daily by like-minded people at an arts university. And it's freaking wonderful.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Art •

For those of you who don't know, I am studying at an arts UNIVERSITY (people say art school with such a derogatory tone, I'd like to set that tone straight and put it out there that it is just as much work etc. as any other schooling. KTHNX!). I've always been an artist at heart - drawing, painting, creating, it's all a part of me. So, I thought I'd share with you guys a few things I've been working on for school lately! I'm enjoying the assignments, and I think these turned out well!!

Fashion sketch; exploring line work.

Abstract Illustration; meant to represent an emotion... any guess which that may be? :)

I'm especially proud of the second one, it turned out exactly how I envisioned it!!
Hope everyone is enjoying October so far!