Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Hair-story.

You know that feeling where you're always so busy and it drives you a little bit crazy, but you really love being busy anyway?

And then, do you know that feeling where you have a day (like today) where you can actually afford to stay in bed even after you've woken up? It's the greatest.

Well here's a bit of  share-day!
This was shared on LovePotatoe when I had first dyed my hair reeeeed. Now, there should technically be yet another colour. But you've already seen that here on Kitty Snooks, so here's my hair-volution from the past year!></div><div class=

Kinda fun right? I love playing with my hair, but for now I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with my "go natural" plan - being a university student isn't easy on my wallet, and neither is colouring one's hair.

But... maybe one day I'll go red again. I loved loved loved being a fire-truck-red-head. Admittedly, it made wearing red-lipstick really tacky, and it made me look like a clown if I tried to wear yellow, but I seriously loved it! 

So there you have it, my little hair-story. :)
Hope everyone's weekends have been a blast!



  1. You look gorgeous in each hair color. I think I love the red on you the most though. (Then again, I may be biased since I have dyed red hair! haha) :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. ya i had to give up the hair dying for the same reason.. so expensive...