Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Small World Project // round 1.

Hi guys!
So if you recall, I posted previously about The Small World Project started up by Bree from The Art Of Being Cool blog. It's basically a project where a group of bloggers act as penpals for a month and write eachother letters!
I unfortunately was unable to participate with my actual address, so I suggested that I still send out letters and just receive emails loaded with links and goodies instead, and the rest of the girls were okay with that thank goodness!

My first email was from the lovely Katie from Breathe & Hush, a cute little blog, check it out! She sent me a whole lot of really cool links that I'd also like to share here!

A PEACOCK CUPCAKE?! I don't know how Katie knew it, but I am. In love. With cupcakes. And this one is just stunning and looks so scrumptious!

I've seen this before - but this reminded me of it, and I've yet to do this at a party! (Don't you want to invite me to all of your shindigs now....!) Hahahaha I think it's pretty genius.

I sent my first letter out to the lovely Melissa and I don't think she's gotten it yet (I'm in Canada, all these girls are in the states!) but I can't wait for it to get to her - I'll let her do the posting about it once she gets it, so as to not ruin the surprise!!

Hope everyone's weeks are off to a super start!



  1. I keep checking my mailbox! I'm so excited :D :D

  2. haha this is great! I am definitely do the last one at my next party! Glad that you are enjoying the project ;)


  3. oh the cupcake is great! it led me to the original blog with so many awesome cakes! this one is adorable :-) http://noordinarycake.blogspot.com/2011/10/prinsessen-pa-rten-et-comeback.html