Saturday, October 15, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday •

1. Doc Martens
Lately, I've been in the mood for boots since winter is coming! I really would love a pair of Docs, I love this teal colour shown here, but they'd clash with most of my clothes, so I'd probably just one some plain black ones. Do any of you guys own docs? What do you think of them?

2. PUGS.
I know in one of my last soft spot saturdays I posted about hedgehogs, and of course I still want one of those (probably before I ever consider getting a pup!) 
But I love pugs lately. I think they're the cutest little awkward looking cuddly little things!

I think this is just the comfiest, coolest looking jacket for fall/winter!

I've been using polyvore a lot lately, I love making up outfits on it and daydreaming about actually owning the things to make the outfits with! They have some reaaaallllyyy cool clothes to play around with on it, I'd definitely suggest trying it out if you don't know it already!

5. This time of year.
(via weheartit)
I know my last post was all about fall, but I swear I'm not being repetitive - This time of year means a lot of things aside from the weather too. Around thanksgiving 59 years ago, my grandmother and grandpa met eachother. 3 years ago this same time, my dad and step mom got married. These are two very powerful, wonderful couples and I really look up to both of them. I'd like to think I'm walking in their fallen-leaf-crunching footsteps too... hehe ;)

I've been having a really busy but lovely time lately, I hope it's been the same for all of you!



  1. Pugs and Polyvore! My favorite too! I try not to use Polyvore as much.. it's addicting..just like every other website online! hahah

  2. I have a feeling I'd love Polyvore if I tried it. I typically just use it to find new stores to online window shop from.

  3. aw, the last bit is so sweet! i love old traditions like that. also adore the docs, i am craving boots right now! i think you should go for these teal ones, as they're not that ott so they wouldn't clash much :)

    also pugs ftw!

    beth x
    ramz and the flock

  4. When I first went to college I bought, unfortunately, two pairs of Doc boots...not the high boots though...wish I would have done that..but the thing with Docs is the sole is this hard rubbery material that doesnt bend I found it hard to walk on ice and snow. Meaning I felt like they didn't bend with my foot. and the material is slippery. SO def not good for ice. BUT maybe the high boot is a bit different? I love the high the one pictures. I would like a pair if it wasn't for my bad experience with Docs in the winter.

  5. Oh, but I also went to college in a really icey snowy if someone/you didn't live in a place like that it wouldn't matter. :)

  6. Your soft spots are much like mine. I've been determined to buy a pair of Docs for over a year now and if I could have a little pug I think my heart would be all filled up c:C:C:C:


  7. just swinging by to say hello! thanks for your sweet comment on my husbands top 10 reasons why he loves me :)

    ps - pugs are adorable :D