Saturday, October 22, 2011

• Soft Spot Saturday •

The colder the weather gets, the warmer my life gets. It's really quite interesting, I'm surprised as usually my life cools off with the weather. I'm most definitely not complaining though!

1. Spending time with my Siblings
Yes. That is me in the first picture with the dorky smile, and again with the (BLONDE!) hair and prom get-up. (I'm planning a separate post for my grade 12(senior year) hair-volution! I once even had fire truck red hair...)
Anyway. Lately I've been spending a lot more time with my brother and sister. They just warm my heart, in fact I'm just about to go shopping with my sister for some fun bonding time (ok, we actually just need new clothes. But both reasons work...). These two rock my world, I'm so lucky to have them ( xoxoxo )

2. "Chinchilly" nail polish by Essie
Ok. I only have one hand painted. I'm not particularly able to paint my right hand nails, it's quite the dilemma at times. But I just bought this gray-ish colour yesterday and I'm so happy I did! I'd been eyeing the toned down shades of nail polish for a while, but I don't normally indulge in beauty products, even if they're rather well priced, but I thought this particular purchase was worth it!)
Also, the name of it just ups my love for it to another level, so caaah-uuute.
3. This hat from New Era
So I realize this is a men's cap, and that I don't generally enjoy the style the 'flat caps' are associated with, I JUST REALLY LOVE SOME OF THE SPECIAL EDITION HATS that new era sells, and this Mickey Mouse series is just so adorable. Maybe I'm just an illustration junkie (probably), but I love this. I might treat myself with it, eventually.. maybe.

4. Nanowrimo.
Also known as "National Novel Writing Month", November. Basically a community of people of questionable mental stability participate in this outrageous challenge to write 50 000 words, an entire novel, in one month starting November 1st. Prizes? None, other than personal pride. However, having participated 2 years ago and only made it to 20k words, I can say that even without winning it's a freakin fun experience! There's this whole online community with forums and lots of funny, inspiring people. If you're a writer, I'd definitely look into it, it's a really exciting thing to try out! I plan on participating this year :)

5. Slumber parties!
Tonight I was invited to a giant slumber party with some friends from class! I am so so excited for it, pyjamas, fatty snacks, pillows, movies and karaoke! Can it get any better? Makes me all nostalgic for way back when slumber parties were the thing to do. I had my first on my 10th birthday, I still remember how exciting it was!

Happy weekend everyone, I'll be back again tommorrow!



  1. siblings are the best things in the world. nanowrimo it sounds so fun!!


  2. i've been wanting some nailpolish like that for the longest time! it looks really good on you! :)
    p.s. i am completely in love with your header, the butterfly makes it so special!

  3. i looooooooooove that nail polish! man oh man... i already have 3 shades of gray, but that is super tempting.

  4. I'm so close to my family, too! It's so nice to see others who appreciate their siblings! :)
    Love the grey nail polish! I have a similar shade...kind of a slate. It's currently on my toesies.
    Hooray for slumber parties! Hope you had fun!!

  5. Just double checking, did you ever get my email? I hope so :D

    Ps. you and your family are ka-yoooot! (cute) lol