Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a Gourd ol' Time!

... did I ever mention that I make way too many lame jokes?

 I had to paint a gourd as an assignment for my colour in context course,

I. Adore. Gourds. They're so awkward and ugly but beautiful all at once!

So of course, I couldn't resist taking a few photos too!

(all images (C) Katia E.)

The first gourd didn't get as much spotlight as the little one. But that's just 'cause he's shaped a little inappropriately... poor fellow.

I ended up painting based on the second to last image, and it turned out really well! I might share it later on, maybe maybe maybe.

And simply due to a lack of signature silly selfies (alliteration! yay!) on the blog lately;

I named him Gordon the Gourd. Creative yea?



  1. You're right, they are hideous and cute at the same time.
    Have a blast at the Lego store for me!
    I haven't been to that one, but have been in the US - the build your own minifigs are always the best.
    And I always want to own everything.... :)

  2. I always loved picking out gourds for our dinner table when I was little! A lost tradition I ought to pick back up.

  3. You are "adorkable" :) Using that term, I hope you know that I RECEIVED YOUR LETTER!!!!! :D :D I have you next week and I can't wait to write back (via email, hehe)

    I loved it so much, I'll blog about it soon! <3
    I love the name Gordon, hehe.

    ps. The pin didn't quite make the trip from Canada :(

  4. hahahah, gordon the gourd! you did a great job, i love how crazy they look with these colours. my sister had an art project at college where she had to use rotten peppers and stuff! smelt disgusting, but looked awesome.

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    Love these pictures- such awesome colours!

  6. Just to let you know I just did your post on your letter! I loved loved loved it!! Check out the post :) <3