Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bye Bye Childhood! Day 2.

Day 2.
Crappy but totally catchy, totally awesome music.
You hear parents talk about songs that "bring them back", but honestly, in my short near-18 years on this earth, I too have built a collection of songs that take me back to my younger days. I have different songs for different periods of time. A lot of it is mediocre in terms of artistic musical merit. Perhaps even below mediocracy. HOWEVER. I still dig these tunes now and then.

Ohh Avril Lavigne. I still love her. I remember listening to her CD the most when at about 10 years old, I got my very first, totally hip walk man. I listened to her while we went camping, and I wore khaki capris and a white tank top and a red baseball cap. I wore the cap backwards. Oh yes, my short, week long badass stage was marked by my obsession with Avril Lavigne.

JoJo. This song and "Too little too late" still get quoted amongst me and my friends sometimes. Though I don't really listen to her songs anymore, they were my first exposure to the idea that a girl can be strong enough to stand up for themselves against a guy. Not that I didn't think they could, I'd just never really heard anyone say/sing it.

Oooh original Shakira. I used to wake up with my sister super early on Sunday mornings to watch the music videos on tv. I don't know why we thought it was the greatest thing to do, or why anyone would ever wake up super early on a Sunday if they didn't need to, but we loved it. And this was our favourite song of the bunch. I loved her dancing and thought it was such a romantic song!

I wish I still had my old ipod, so I could look up more songs. But there was definitely some Jesse McCartney, some older Maroon 5 (still a favourite!) and some Lily Allen in the mix too. I can't remember many more. But I love the feeling when a song I used to listen to constantly as a kid, before I even understood half the lyrics, comes on and it brings me back to those simpler times! 

What songs stand out to you as "take you back" songs? :)



  1. HAHAHA YESS!!! I am loving these posts. I definitely still listen to these songs....hahaha

  2. I love this little series of posts you're doing. So cute.
    I can't think of many "take me back" songs right now, but when I hear them randomly, it's always funny. Most of the songs that bring back memories for me are embarrassing and I don't know if I'd even post them if I knew them! haha
    A few memorable bands though that take me back that I still listen to are Modest Mouse, The Shins, Ben Kweller, and Kings of Leon.
    Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, MxPx, and Blink 182 are bands that take me back also, though I don't listen to them anymore.

    It's fun seeing how much people's music tastes change throughout the years... Thank goodness for "take you back" songs though, because without them people probably wouldn't remember a lot of special times!