Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bye Bye Childhood! Day 3 & 4.

So, yesterday, I didn't realize that I hadn't pressed "publish post" for my Day 3 "Bye Bye Childhood" post. How that happened? I'm not so sure, but my tired mind does things like that sometimes. So here's two in one!!

Day 3 & 4.

Starting with TV shows. I don't have tv anymore, and when I did as a kid, it was just the bunny ear antennae that people draw on cartoon tv sets all the time. So I just had the very basic channels, no disney or family channel. Just TVO kids and sometimes cbc and very rarely, PBO kids.

Oh of course, Arthur. He was basically my childhood best friend. I miss his tv shows, an could still name off some episodes for you and explain them in lengthy detail. I just love love love this show and all the characters. Looking at the picture below is like looking at a class photo of all my old friends. Yea, I was clearly a kid who had lots of real life friends...... lalalala.

And then there was George Shrinks. Now I didn't like him so much, and I'm still baffled by the lack of explanation of how exactly he came about to be so itty bitty tiny, and how they even know his mother was pregnant if he was that small, (think about it, it's weird stuff). But his Zoom mobile was just my favourite thing ever. I was soooo jealous of all his miniature gear that I don't even have in life-size.

And of course, The Magic School Bus. Ms Frizzle the crazy artsy hipster teacher who was pretty badass, sneaking her students around like that, Arnold the adorable ginger nerdy kid (such a stereotype now that I look back on it...), Carlos, Phoebe, Keesha... etc. I learned so much from this show!

AND NOW onto books!
Some of the books that stand out to me from my childhood would be the Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing series. Funny story though - someone bought me the Firewing one before I had the rest, and I read it first! I then bought the others and devoured them all. I really wish I knew where all the books were so I could read them again, they were a really special series. Something about a book written from the perspective of a bat actually works in this story, and I thought it was really unique and engaging and just brought you to this whole entirely new world.

And then my cousins introduced me to Artemis Fowl. It was the first of its kind that I'd read, a story about an "at-first-glance-bad" guy's adventures rather than a typical good guy's adventures. I stopped a the sixth book or something, but I think there are more to the series.

So adventure-y books aside (I had a lot of guy friends and guy cousins who influenced my reading k? Haha) I also may have read most of the Clique series.....
Yeah I'm not going to go and say they were fantastic or taught me much about life, but before I ever had a boyfriend or experienced gossip and drama and whatever, I thought these books were super entertaining. My dog however, did not, and once chewed the "Invasions of the boy snatchers" apart, which broke my heart at the time. Hehe.

So those are some of the tv shows and books that I enjoyed when I was younger! I really want to reread some of the books, and I would love to get dvd copies of some of those old shows so that I have them when I'm older just  for the sake of having them. 
Did you guys wach/read these when you were younger??


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