Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap!

Christmas has been so full of family and busy-ness and I've been doing my best to enjoy all of it despite having a stupid cold that has incapacitated me several times in the past week. I had to take a nap after Christmas dinner, and again after having a nice brunch Christmas day, etc. etc. It's been a pain but I've been enjoying myself nonetheless!

Unfortunately I focused all my energy on being awake and on absorbing all the love from everyone around me that I did not take too many photos - my sister has some that I might be able to steal and show off but for now this is it from my phone!
Decorating the Christmas tree at my moms!

 Amazing Christmas Log cake made by my cousin Tacha! My younger cousin, Sabrina and I made the mushrooms ;)
I got some sick Christmas swag too, my family seems to like buying me clothes so I'm excited to make some new outfits out of what I've received from my lovely aunt's and my mom and dad etc. !

So my friends and I always go out for karaoke, and today it was pouring rain on our way (BEFORE IT SNOWED WHICH WAS SO EXCITING!) and I just thought my friend looked so funny with his giant ikea umbrella that I had to take a photo. That umbrella fit about 4 of us as we trecked through the rain.

Anyway, I'm trying to rest up best I can while still seeing everyone and enjoying the holidays while all my friends are home from university. I hope everyone has had amazingly lovely holidays and continue to enjoy them right up until new years! 


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Have you all gotten your christmas shopping done yet? ME NEITHER! Ok, phew, not alone. I've been busy doing lots of christmas-y things though! I had a day of card making with a friend, and a little holiday get together/party the day after that!

My puppy Oliver joined me under my arm as I drew the cards!

And then the party! My friends and I decorated like crazy! We kinda wanted to go all-out!

My friend Chang and I, all dressed up!

We had these adorable christmas, felt hats that I found at the dollarstore! My friend Zach decided to try one on.

Krista and I! We had eggnog and candy canes and all sorts of holiday goodness, someone even showed up dressed as santa claus - so much fun! I love my friends.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Design Mind .02

I find sometimes that the way food is served to you, and sometimes just the food on its own, can be absolutely beautiful - inspiring even! I was scrolling through my iphone photos and realized I had a lot of photos of hot drinks and other food-y things, and that they had really nice colours and textures and prettiness, so I thought I'd share!

I dropped a raspberry candy cane into my tea - beautiful melting colour explosion, annnnd yum!

Have always loved the blue chiquita stickers against the yellow.

Apple Cinnamon tea from Tim Horton's, favourite!

Caramel bits! Mmmm.

Ok, I clearly have a thing for hot drinks. But can you blame me? It's so cold out, and they're soo festive and yummy!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Wear.

So for the first time ever, I've got a few christmas gatherings to dress up for! I'm so adult now, I know..... Ha! So of course, I plan on wearing things I already own, because I'm running on a student-y budget and have already surpassed it with my christmas shopping for others (oops), but I'm still daydreaming - so I head on over to polyvore where else, and I put together a few imaginary outfits.

Love love love the colours. Coral's always been a fav of mine!

Tried out a twist on the red and green combo. Loveee the firefly necklace, so simple and pretty.

I used to have pants that colour, I really miss them! I absolutely loooove the ring here.

So there's a coat in each of these outfits because I live in Canada. Aka The Land of Freezeyourbuttoff. TLoF. Yep. No, not really, but it might as well be called that, winter's really here and it is so uncomfortable cold! So I find it difficult to even fathom an outfit without a jacket included these days.

I'm going to a really exciting holiday party this weekend that I'm helping co-host! Super excited!
You will definitely be seeing some photos.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

I went to an ugly christmas sweater party.
Yes I am aware that this is my second post in a short while that is entirely about sweaters.
And I'm aware that this makes me look like I really love sweaters.
Which I do.
But that's not the point really, I just really enjoyed this ugly christmas sweater and thought it'd be neat to take photos of all the knit patterns in the sweaters! 
My sweater wasn't really christms-y, so I decided to wear a pair of costume glasses that matched the colours of the sweater, and when I arrived I was attacked with christmas present bows:

It's a good look, I know!

Hope you're all enjoying your own christmas-y celebrations and fun lately!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tunes

Can I let you all in on a little secret?
I have never been a big fan of Christmas music. I mean, I don't find that there's anything really wrong with it, I just never got the warm fuzzies from hearing it for the first time in December, and it doesn't bring back memories for me or anything like that either.

HOWEVER. This year I've stumbled on a few really great songs for the holidays and I can't stop listening to them! None of them are "classics", but I kind of like it that way? Anyway, I thought that these three songs were all quite sweet and special!

oo1. All My Bells are Ringing - by Lenka

oo2. Christmas Lights - by Coldplay

oo3. Snow Globe - by Matt Wertz

I just find that each of these songs is really unique and full of cheer even though they're not classic Christmas tunes!

Oh by the by, 
I have succumbed to the twitter phenomenon. 
Follow me @ KittySnooks !!

This week may be a little slow on the blogging side of things - I have my final exam next Saturday at 8:30 AM.
I know right? Exam on a Saturday?
I guess art people like to do things differently in all facets of school....


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunshine Tattoo.

Yesterday I finally went out and got my tattoo. It's been exactly a year since I've wanted it, and it means a whole lot to me and I'm so so so very glad to FINALLY have it! It's my first tattoo, possibly my last, but I so love it!

The sun has always been a source of happiness and smiles for me, even before I was old enough to truly appreciate any metaphor or deeper meanings behind it. I just always loved summer and sunny days. Then eventually, the sun began to symbolize happiness in a stronger way.


This sunshine on my wrist is my personal reminder that there's always a reason to be happy, even if it's just that the sun's always there - it may be hidden behind clouds, it may be on the other side of the world for the night, but it's still always there and it always comes back, and that alone is a happy thought.

My best friend, boyfriend, and our other good friend all came with me and I'm so glad they were all there to be a part of a moment that'll last forever, visibly, for me. Whatever may happen they're all such wonderful people that it blows my mind. and I thank them for being there for me not only through the tattoo process but through the past year as well. :)

The tattoo looked even better when I woke up this morning, as it heals and evens out and stops being swollen! Surprisingly it didn't hurt that much, just a few moments where I felt like "Oh, okay there's the pain..." but it only lasted a second at a time.

Here's to being in a better place,
Here's to the appreciation of how much things can change in one year.
Here's to Happiness :)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Mind .01

My first semester of university is over. I can not believe how the time has flown, it's absolutely insane to think I have already made it halfway through my first year! It's been so amazing, and being in art school / design school has seriously changed my perspective of things just in a matter of months! My mind is constantly in design mode, noticing pretty colours, noticing the packaging of teas, the ridiculous business logos that some companies seem to have, etc. etc.
So here's a little feature I'd like to start where I share some of these funny little design-mind moments I've been having lately!

Have you guys heard of kuler? It's this amazing online program that helps you make colour palettes. Try it out, its totally addictive but in the best of ways - fo realz!
I've decided that I should create a sort of colour journal to help me understand which colours I like and think work well together.

Anyway, I've found that with the coming holidays creeping up on us so quickly, there have been countless comfy sweater photos floating around the internet and I'm loving some of the colour schemes in some! So here's a colour palette collection based off of winter sweaters!

 I think this is my favourite of the bunch, both in terms of colours and the sweater itself!

 Weee foxes! I love foxes. I actually have a sweater with a fox on it. Perhaps I should develop a fox sweater collection. 

Such an adorable photo, and adorable colours too! Makes me think of my grandma's delicious pea soup, with yummy baguette to dip in - and the tummy rumblies begin.

I didn't even realize that this had foxes too until writing this post. There's something so childlike but mature all at once about this sweater. However I'm still not too keen on the tone of the barbie pink on the end.

I love colour.
I wish I could colour scheme every aspect of my life.
Like my food and my shampoo bottles and sunsets and my neighbours' gardens....

But alas. Some things are simply the way they are.


(all images via weheartit)