Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap!

Christmas has been so full of family and busy-ness and I've been doing my best to enjoy all of it despite having a stupid cold that has incapacitated me several times in the past week. I had to take a nap after Christmas dinner, and again after having a nice brunch Christmas day, etc. etc. It's been a pain but I've been enjoying myself nonetheless!

Unfortunately I focused all my energy on being awake and on absorbing all the love from everyone around me that I did not take too many photos - my sister has some that I might be able to steal and show off but for now this is it from my phone!
Decorating the Christmas tree at my moms!

 Amazing Christmas Log cake made by my cousin Tacha! My younger cousin, Sabrina and I made the mushrooms ;)
I got some sick Christmas swag too, my family seems to like buying me clothes so I'm excited to make some new outfits out of what I've received from my lovely aunt's and my mom and dad etc. !

So my friends and I always go out for karaoke, and today it was pouring rain on our way (BEFORE IT SNOWED WHICH WAS SO EXCITING!) and I just thought my friend looked so funny with his giant ikea umbrella that I had to take a photo. That umbrella fit about 4 of us as we trecked through the rain.

Anyway, I'm trying to rest up best I can while still seeing everyone and enjoying the holidays while all my friends are home from university. I hope everyone has had amazingly lovely holidays and continue to enjoy them right up until new years! 



  1. You are so lovely, you always comment on my blog despite the fact that I'm terrible at commenting on other peoples blogs and so I end up just ranting away in my own space instead appreciating the people who actually manage to read my words. Thank you. Your words are genuine and sweet. When other people comment on my blog it's just like, "oh, you are wonderful and so is this post" which means pretty much nothing to me, but you always have something worthwhile to say.

    So. Thank you. Your blog is adorable. If I was a better blogreader/internetwhizkid/beautifulhumanbeing I would comment every single day on what you write. You are fantastic.

  2. I've gone into food comas the past 3 days! between Christmas and visiting relatives I've eaten so much food!
    hope you enjoy the break :)