Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Wear.

So for the first time ever, I've got a few christmas gatherings to dress up for! I'm so adult now, I know..... Ha! So of course, I plan on wearing things I already own, because I'm running on a student-y budget and have already surpassed it with my christmas shopping for others (oops), but I'm still daydreaming - so I head on over to polyvore where else, and I put together a few imaginary outfits.

Love love love the colours. Coral's always been a fav of mine!

Tried out a twist on the red and green combo. Loveee the firefly necklace, so simple and pretty.

I used to have pants that colour, I really miss them! I absolutely loooove the ring here.

So there's a coat in each of these outfits because I live in Canada. Aka The Land of Freezeyourbuttoff. TLoF. Yep. No, not really, but it might as well be called that, winter's really here and it is so uncomfortable cold! So I find it difficult to even fathom an outfit without a jacket included these days.

I'm going to a really exciting holiday party this weekend that I'm helping co-host! Super excited!
You will definitely be seeing some photos.



  1. These combos are gorgeous, especially that green dress!! Where is the green dress from, for real?

  2. love the red and green combo! so cute! i am dreaming of a new years eve outfit that i also can not afford... i just want a pretty sparkly dress.... alas, school has taken any hope of sequins.
    all my outfits include jackets too haha! it is far too cold here...

  3. These clothes are beautiful, I really love the purple trousers.. want want want xx