Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Mind .01

My first semester of university is over. I can not believe how the time has flown, it's absolutely insane to think I have already made it halfway through my first year! It's been so amazing, and being in art school / design school has seriously changed my perspective of things just in a matter of months! My mind is constantly in design mode, noticing pretty colours, noticing the packaging of teas, the ridiculous business logos that some companies seem to have, etc. etc.
So here's a little feature I'd like to start where I share some of these funny little design-mind moments I've been having lately!

Have you guys heard of kuler? It's this amazing online program that helps you make colour palettes. Try it out, its totally addictive but in the best of ways - fo realz!
I've decided that I should create a sort of colour journal to help me understand which colours I like and think work well together.

Anyway, I've found that with the coming holidays creeping up on us so quickly, there have been countless comfy sweater photos floating around the internet and I'm loving some of the colour schemes in some! So here's a colour palette collection based off of winter sweaters!

 I think this is my favourite of the bunch, both in terms of colours and the sweater itself!

 Weee foxes! I love foxes. I actually have a sweater with a fox on it. Perhaps I should develop a fox sweater collection. 

Such an adorable photo, and adorable colours too! Makes me think of my grandma's delicious pea soup, with yummy baguette to dip in - and the tummy rumblies begin.

I didn't even realize that this had foxes too until writing this post. There's something so childlike but mature all at once about this sweater. However I'm still not too keen on the tone of the barbie pink on the end.

I love colour.
I wish I could colour scheme every aspect of my life.
Like my food and my shampoo bottles and sunsets and my neighbours' gardens....

But alas. Some things are simply the way they are.


(all images via weheartit)


  1. Colors! I love them..and I love all these sweaters these ladies are wearing, seriously! I want more! (not really, I have a lot of a lot)

    Anyway -
    I can't believe you're finished! Congrats on surviving! haha. I still have 2 weeks :(

  2. I absolutely love making palettes.

  3. that's absolutely wonderful!! having a creative way of approaching everything you see is really the way the go. love how school can influence us in such a positive way! love those colors you put together btw. keep in touch <3


  4. LOVE the fox sweater!

  5. love these! I would adore a fox sweater!

  6. Love this post, and especially loving all the foxes! :) So cute. Congrats on finishing up your first semester of Uni! Ahhhh, that is such a great feeling!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blogg!

    chloe **

  7. the foxes are adorable!
    and i love your new sun, Katia! :-)

  8. ahhh, i WANT those fox sweaters. totally dying over them.