Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Have you all gotten your christmas shopping done yet? ME NEITHER! Ok, phew, not alone. I've been busy doing lots of christmas-y things though! I had a day of card making with a friend, and a little holiday get together/party the day after that!

My puppy Oliver joined me under my arm as I drew the cards!

And then the party! My friends and I decorated like crazy! We kinda wanted to go all-out!

My friend Chang and I, all dressed up!

We had these adorable christmas, felt hats that I found at the dollarstore! My friend Zach decided to try one on.

Krista and I! We had eggnog and candy canes and all sorts of holiday goodness, someone even showed up dressed as santa claus - so much fun! I love my friends.



  1. Looks like you had a blast, and the cards you made are great. Sounds like a fun new holiday tradition was created.

  2. This looks like a blast!
    I haven't had any eggnog this year, need to take advantage before it disappears...
    Thanks for the link to the dress! I might have bought it, if it wasn't $1500. haha.

  3. Ashley and I have a black dog named Oliver! He is the best, and we love that name.

  4. loved the postcards and your look on the last pic - adorable!! Merry Christmas!