Monday, December 12, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

I went to an ugly christmas sweater party.
Yes I am aware that this is my second post in a short while that is entirely about sweaters.
And I'm aware that this makes me look like I really love sweaters.
Which I do.
But that's not the point really, I just really enjoyed this ugly christmas sweater and thought it'd be neat to take photos of all the knit patterns in the sweaters! 
My sweater wasn't really christms-y, so I decided to wear a pair of costume glasses that matched the colours of the sweater, and when I arrived I was attacked with christmas present bows:

It's a good look, I know!

Hope you're all enjoying your own christmas-y celebrations and fun lately!



  1. This is so cute! I would have had a great sweater for the party :)


  2. Oh my God, what a great idea to have an ugly Christmas sweater party! Although, I don't find those sweaters in the pictures ugly at all. They're pretty!


  3. haha i love all of these but yours is hilarious! the sleeves! so great...

  4. They're so ugly that they're cute!!

  5. Is it wrong that ugly xmas jumpers make me happy?