Sunday, December 30, 2012

twenty twelve.

Twenty twelve was the year we were all supposed to die.
But we didn't.
I'd call it a success for that alone.

Happy New Year!

Ha, you really thought I'd post so few words? C'mon! I'm little miss wordy and over-explanatory, pshhh. 

This year was tough, tough tough. Sometimes bad sometimes just, challenging. I lost 2 of the most important people to me in a short period of time. I learnt how to be single, and peacefully so (at the ripe young age of 19 I was once a serial dater). I worked my first 40 hour-a-week job that threw my stress and anxiety levels through the roof. I was told stories about past experiences that exposed truths I didn't think possible and challenged everything I'd believed previously. Not all of this was bad though, a lot of it brought amazing lessons.

I know I can get through anything now. Literally.
And that knowledge is powerful.
That doesn't mean I'll always deal with things well, or that nothing will upset me. I will not always be  graceful in the way I handle my emotions. Shit happens. But at least I know in the long run I'll calm down and get over it.

There were some really good things too.
My tattoo.
My trip to Belgium.
Moving into my first apartment.
Starting Solé.
My 19th birthday.
And so many more amazing memories with people who are so important to me.
Which is actually the biggest thing about 2012 - I know who means most to me, and that they genuinely deserve the places in my heart I've made for them. After so much doubt brought on by past experiences, I know these people are for real.

Tomorrow I leave to Costa Rica for a week - I'll be there for new years eve! So here's me wishing you all a happy new year, and I hope you all celebrate well and find solace in the fact that the world didn't end this year. I was serious about that being enough for me, we all got a second change from the universe! Let's take it and use it to our advantage in 2013!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Non-Apology From A (Lately) Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger.  Terrible even. I’ve been uninteresting, sporadic, irregular, and to be honest – not feeling like blogging at all. I feel I have nothing interesting to blog about, nothing I feel like writing about publicly. Am I sorry though? No. Not at all. My life has changed since I’ve started this blog. I am constantly on the go, and I love it. Whether I’m at work, or seeing family, or going out with friends to restaurants bars and clubs alike, or seeing someone over coffee, or running errands, my life is so, SO, full. Full of things to do, full of memories being made, full of friends and family, full of laughter, full of emotions good and bad, full of love. So full in fact, that I’ve written it enough times that the word is starting to look funny and wrong.

I love blogging, I love the idea of it, I love the people I've 'met' because of it. But I really don’t feel like sharing the details of every night out I have. It is not my idea of content I’d like to share – do you really want to know about what new drinks I tried, the douchebag guys that try to hit on me and whom I laugh at with my friends after, how my guy friends lifted me up onto the bar at last night’s club and I felt awkward up there in my jeans and flats because I can’t dance like a stripper like the other girls who were up there in their high heels and mini skirts? Sure it’s a great story to share amongst my friends and I but it’s not my idea of blogging. I’m not a crazy partier by any means, so the stories aren’t even that wild or incriminating – that’s not the point. I just feel it would get so redundant to write about every dinner or dance session I have.  I LOVE dancing. I LOVE going out and trying new food, I LOVE wandering around aimlessly with friends at 2 in the morning. This is the time in my life to do this, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Which brings me to another point – as much as I am in love with my life currently, I’ve got a yearning for more – I don’t know what ‘more’ is right now. I don’t want a relationship, not realistically anyway. I have the best friends I could ask for, and I have an amazing family. What more could I honestly ask for? Something in me wants adventure. Something wants to find a deeper meaning in everything.  Something wants to FEEL. EVERYTHING. Which leads me to Travelling, Art, and Attitude.

I want to travel and see as much as my eyes can take in. I want to soak in the experiences other places have to offer me. I want to expand my view of the world from this relatively little bubble I live in right now. Screw spending money on clothes – something that my previously fashion-blogging self might have never said a few months ago. I want to save my money for experiences – like travelling! I am headed to Costa Rica on Monday with my family, then New York with my best friend in February, then hopefully somewhere for an exchange program with school next year. I am so excited.

I want to go to art shows. I want to soak in the experiences that these other artists are expressing through their work. I want to peek into the minds of people from the past and people of the present by absorbing their art into my soul. I want to write more poetry, read more poetry. I want to read books again. I want to understand, even if only in my own way, what so many artists have put out there exactly for that purpose. I want to make art, express MYSELF through it. I want to be married to art making and to fall head over heels for it. I just want to add something beautiful to the world.

I want to say yes to everything I want to say yes to. Meaning, for example – I will not smoke, or do drugs just because someone asks me and I’ve decided to say ‘yes’ to things. I don’t WANT to smoke. Never have and never will (It’s a thing.) So I won’t. But maybe I’ll say yes to the cute boy who wants to dance with me. Maybe I’ll say yes to try out a bar that isn’t necessarily my type of place. Maybe I’ll say yes to going to coffee with someone I’ve never hung out with before. Who knows what these things could bring? There’s so much potential in the world, and I think it’s up to us to let it all in. I want to fall in love with life and all it has to offer.

So, all of this to say that this blog is going to change, as I have changed. Maybe I’ll still do fashion posts but maybe I won’t. I’m not very interested in it right now. I want to fill this blog with my art, with what I’ve read, with what art inspires me, with thoughts and snippets of my writing. I am an artist, so why have I not filled this space with it? I am a critical thinker who over analyzes and ponders, so why have I not brought much of that into this blog?

I hope you guys will stick around for this new-ish frame of blogging mind. If not – that’s cool too, I’m genuinely glad you found something interesting in my posts beforehand. Thank you for bringing me in one way or another to this point in my bloggy-journey!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Crafting!

A few weeks ago, my friend Tiffany came over and my roomate, her and I had a great time making Christmas decorations, a gingerbread house, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas cartoons!

We had a makeshift fire in our fireplace.

And we made a little hat for my pet rat, Macy! Christmas Macy!

Macy also got a stocking.

And the final result. We made pom poms too but those haven't been strung up yet. It's nice to have some actual decorations in the apartment, it helps make it feel like home, even if it is just Christmas themed for now!


Friday, December 14, 2012

A Thought Or Two // End of the World

Is anyone else secretly terrified of the 2012 rumours and the idea that these could be our last week on earth? I don't believe it per se, but the thought terrifies me.
Besides, even if the 21st isn't the end of the world, who's to say that life is any less fleeting? I'm taking this as more of a lesson on how scarily short life can be, and to treat your time well. Take advantage of it. Take nothing for granted and to really live my life to the fullest. 

I plan to live it up this week, and the next, and the next, and the next..... Because, and I am paraphrasing here, I want to collect moments and experiences. I want to have stories to tell at the end of the year and I want to have fun with my life.

I want to go to the same art show twice because I loved it so much. 
I want to wear sparkles because I can.
I want to break the glass when I screech at karaoke because it's fun that way.
I want to read poetry every day because it is inspiring.
I want to go out for drinks, then stay up until 2AM the night before an exam texting because I can.
I want to tell my friends that my heart belongs to them, because I love them so much.
I want to fall in love with the sky every day because it's so damn beautiful.
I want to laugh at my own horrible jokes because laughing cures the soul.
I want to immerse my self in music because it is soothing.
I want to embrace life because what else is it there for?

I guess this isn't much more than a glorified version of YOLO. But whatever.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pony Chops // Feature.

Hey everyone! 

Today I'd like to share one of my favourite etsy shops, Pony Chops! Run by the talented, creative Chantal, Pony Chops has shoes and russian dolls all hand painted with the most adorable designs. I can't get enough of how fun and colourful they are, not to mention super unique!

I mean, could it get any cuter? I love the colour palettes she uses and the overall aesthetic of them!

I asked Chantal a few questions about her work and she was kind enough to answer them for me!

1. What got you started with painting shoes of all things!? 
I just got really bored of my shoes one day and decided to paint them. I've always been the person that can't stop doodling on and "decorating" things, so I guess it was just natural that I eventually started
drawing on my clothes!

2. If you could pick a favourite motif to paint, which would you choose? 
I love painting animals! Especially peoples pets. I'm a big dog and horse lover so I can't get enough of painting them on shoes!

3. What's your favourite part of running an online business? 
I always think it's so cool that my shoes get to travel the world and go places I'd love to go. I once had a customer send me a picture of her and her shoes telling me where they'd toured with her (ALL around the US! and a ton of other countries too). I love to imagine the adventures they've been on.

So go check out her etsy and her blog! I've been wanting to snatch up a pair ever since I first saw them online, and I still want to! Maybe once I think of what kind of motif I'd want painted on, I would definitely want to pick something totally perfect! So far my favourite motif is the mushrooms ;) Go check out her stuff!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small Talk - Early December.

A few random thoughts about my past few weeks that I'd tell you if we were chatting idly on the telephone.


+ I went to the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera show at the AGO. It was incredible. I've never been one for art shows but I think the concept has grown on me, because I loved it. I left feeling so inspired by the artwork, their beliefs / their role in history, and the love the two of them had for each other. Frida's work in particular had the most astounding colours and subject matter, and I left just wanting to paint when I got home!

"Diego On My Mind" 1943

+ Have you ever watched Prison Break? I just ploughed through the seasons and am in love with the show. And maybe the characters a little bit... So sad that I watched the final episode, it broke my heart a little way too much; both that the show was over and what happened in the finale.

+ A few friends and I went to a bar called "The Orbit Room" in Toronto last friday. It was this tiny little room with a tinsy little stage but with HUGE personality! We got there early and got a good seat near the stage and really enjoyed the band that played that night! It was a cover band galled Dwayne Gretzky that played songs from Elvis Costello to The Beatles to Eminem - all with a range of instruments including alto saxophone! It was really freakin' fun, I've re-fallen in love with live music.

+ The ikea monkey...

Probably the best thing I've seen in ages. AGES.


Anywho, I'm busy trying to study for my anatomy exam tomorrow, which has me subconsciously identifying the muscles I'm using to type this post as the extensors digitorum as well as the extensors carpi ulnaris and radialis. FUN STUFF RIGHT? Oh well, I'll be done with it by tomorrow.

I've been such a busy bee lately, somehow whenever there is a holiday of any sorts I over-plan, taking advantage of my free time, and then end up with no free time at all and feeling busier than ever. Sheesh.  I have a few interesting posts I'm planning out right now though, to be posted in the next week or so!

ALSO - this is essentially a last call for anyone who wants to buy something from the Solé shop for Christmas! I'm closing shop soon, and if you want it to get to you before Christmas you might be cutting it close - so hurry it up and take advantage of the sales prices ;) !

Hope you're all well!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Solé GIVEAWAY WINNER announced!

Ouuu, ahh, who will be the winner of the very first Solé Giveaway? Let's see what the random number generator will say. (Do I sound like an obnoxious game show host yet?)
And the 6th comment WAS.....

The lovely Jenna!! Yay, send me an e-mail at with your address and I'll mail you your box + surprise Solé gift inside. Congrats girl!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lately in Instagrams

For my birthday, my parents got me an Iphone 4 - which has been amazing. I downloaded the Afterglow app and am now, more so than before, obsessed with photo taking and instagram. In fact, the   effects and light leak options provided have really inspired me to take up film photography again! (That and the fact that my step dad got me a whoooooole set of film for my birthday. Awesome.)
Anyway. Lately has been a mix of good and bad, but not that bad. Just 'I'm tired and in a rut' bad. This seems to be a recurring theme in my last few months, the 'being in a rut'. But the semester's over and the holidays are here. I've got a new job and a new sort of perspective on how I want to be. Which I will write a post about soon soon soon. For now, photos!

I brought my pet rat Macy to my apartment - we love her. She's so sweet, and such a character! It's great to have that little companionship but not have the responsibility of a dog or a cat - which I simply can't take on at this point. So Macy's just my favourite. My room mate loves her too, which is so great!

Started my advent calendar! The chocolate designs are a bit indecipherable, but that doesn't mean I don't try! Melty candy-canes anyone?

Did a photoshoot for my friend Tania's final assignment. I'm so not used to so much makeup (in fact, my face has had a reaction to either the makeup or what I used to remove it, yuck.) and thought I looked rawkin'. So I documented it by means of a selfie, duh.

Reading - ahhhhh. Reading. I missed reading. I started the new J.K. Rowling book because I was super curious to see how she tried to transform herself into an adult fiction writer. I think the key term is that she tried - and it shows. There's a lot of blatant sexual content and it feels... out of place? I don't mind it really, but it did strike me as a bit overdone. It's an EXCELLENT story so far though.

And perhaps the most exciting news of all - MY COUSIN ALICE HAS MOVED TO TORONTO. Ohh I just love her, and we're such good friends but have never been able to hang out regularly. Now she lives just a few subway stations away and is planning on coming to OCAD next year - uhm, fuck yea! Pardon my profanity. But it was necessary. We went to dinner near her place last night. We played 'pick a direction' and walked until we chose on a place, and we found ourselves in this adorable little vegan restaurant on Bloor, 'Hogstown Vegan'  I think. We had vegan nachos, which were the best nachos I've ever had in my life. And vegan mac and cheese and stuff. It was just an amazing meal. The service was also awesome, and the place itself was turquoise. I just loved it haha!

I'm so happy to have Alice so close and so willing to just go out whenever and explore Toronto and hang out. It's gonna be great!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

19 before 20

Because it's just tradition to write out my 19 before 20 birthday-to-do-list and share it here on the blog!

1. Illustrate a picture book : my friend and I have been meaning to get together and collab on one!
2. Take up a form of exercise : I'm thinking Yogalates / Yoga / Pilates
3. Film & Edit my own short film : much more likely to happen this year!
4. Get my G2 license : so I can actually drive...
5. Illustrate 'usernames' series : I've collected a list of peoples' old usernames and am going to illustrate characters based off them! I've already sketched a few!
6. Travel : This is already in the works of being plannes ;)
7. Do a second craft show : most likely during the summer, school gets so busy!
8. Go Dancing : because I'm 19 now, so I can ;)
9. Read at least 6 books : this seems unambitious, but knowing me and the speed at which I read, it's a good goal.
10. Make photobooks for each season : Like scrapbooks!
11. Make some connections in the art world : straightforward
12. Donate blood : I've been meaning to do this since I was 17. Lame.
13. See a sunrise : not just on my early commute to school either. I want to stay up all night and see one!
14. Go Skinny dipping : because why the heck not. Do it while I'm young!
15. Live in the moment, do what I want : because life is short.
16. Do something I've never done before : adventures and experience are so important.
17. Go Camping : I didn't get to go this year, and this made me sad.
18. Get a proper bra fitting : apparently it changes one's entire boob-experience to be fitted properly!
19. Write more often : I love writing. I don't know why I don't write more. 

So that's that (if you decided to read all my totally un-necessary mini explanations). I think they're pretty manageable and are a good way to get me motivated to live my LIFE this year! I'm getting sick of getting stuck in the humdrum of day-to-day routine, as inevitable as it is to get INTO routines with work and school, that doesn't mean I can't break it up and make it interesting for myself at other times. And so that's the plan! I'm hoping to blog some of my process this time too.

Guess whose rut/slump/poopy-mood is back.
Yeah that's me.
It's 'cause I'm sick again, in a weird way. I have no appetite and any food I make myself eat sits funny in my stomach and I just feel awful and bloaty after, for hours. It's awful 'cause its just uneasiness. Yuck, I must have picked up a bug of some kind, even though I did get my flu shot this season.
classes are done for the semester - WOOHOO! I have 2 exams, and a new job that I work only on weekends for, and otherwise it's the Christmas break! Lots of exciting things coming up. I'll blog more about these later.

Hope you're all well - sorry for the text-heavy post!

OH YEA! And don't forget to enter my Solé Giveaway - tomorrow is the last day to enter!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birthday Week!

Oof what a busy week it has been! I'll get back to real blogging soon, promise! This upcoming week is my last week of classes actually, which means a fair amount more of free time!

My friend Anna's silly but wonderful gift // Oliver cuddles in the morning

Taking selfies w my new phone and loving life // My friend Tiff showing up by surprise with cake, a mars bar and a balloon! She's so so wonderful.

Goofing around with Siri, who seems to know what's up // More puppy photos.

Last night / my birthday celebration night! My roomie made me the cutest rainbow cake tower. And I ate it without my hands (hence the second photo, hahaha)

While out - Pouyan is my food-eating buddy// Kevin (left) surprised me and came down from Guelph!

Showing off some of my presents - my best friend Zach got me the monkey hat (ouu he knows me well), and Kevin got me a Honey Badger poster! Him and I are two of the only people I know who find the video so stinkin' hilarious, so it's super appropriate hehe.

All in all it was a fantastic week! I've never felt more like I have an amazing set of people around me who love me and whom I love too! It's a great feeling. So here's a thank you to everyone who celebrated with me! And thank YOU all for your online birthday wishes! You rock!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Alive, Refreshed, and turning 19!

Hi! Proof that I am indeed, alive and well!

I've been in a big ol' slump and it's been pissing me off horribly. I hate slumps. I hate feeling like I'll never get out of slumps even though the logical half of my brain is like "Yo, you're fine, go have some chocolate and some coffee and spend time with your friends and you'll feel better!" But then the other half of me is like "NOO. LAY IN BED IN YOUR PJ'S ALL DAY AND PLAY TETRIS BATTLE AND BE A SORE LOSER AND CLOSE THE APPLICATION EVERY TIME YOU LOSE."

Ahem. Yeah. That's been me for the past week or so.
I had a fabulous weekend though. I went to an amazing concert with one of my very best friends (That I posted about), and then the next day I spent time with my family, then saw some family friends for dinner (they just had a baby - he's so adorable!), and one of my other best friend's SISTER had a baby and I am so happy for their family, so that was exciting to!

Then I went to a party with lots of good friends and saw lots of old friends and made lots of new ones, and I danced! I just danced and had so much fun, I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a partier normally, but man do I ever love dancing. The next day, I went to my parents' for an early-birthday celebration! We had my dinner of choice - home made pizza (always my dinner of choice), sangria, cake, and presents, and just good times. Which brings me to the next point in this random post - my birthday! It's tomorrow! So I think it's time to go over my 18 before 19 list... even though I did embarrassingly badly. Red is for womp womp womp, failures.

o1. Write and illustrate picture book - lol no. work in progress though!
o2. Take up a form of excercise (yoga? swimming? rock climbing?) - I have a dvd for yoga....

o3. Move to Downtown Toronto!! - Not quite downtown, but I moved out!

o4. Have an overall-wearing day with my best friend (long story)
o5. Mandatory trip to Montreal 
o6. Train for a 5K charity run

o7. Get my sunshine tattoo - did this within a week or two of being 18 hehe!

o8. Film & edit my own short film - work in progress!
o9. Get my G2 license
1o. Learn how to skateboard
11. Complete "Window Monsters" illustrated series - came up with a new idea

12. Surprise project to be revealed soon! - This was Solé! 
13. Musical project - My friend Anna and I filmed a cover of 'Pumped Up Kicks" almost a year ago, round two soon!
(Of course I can never be 100% serious....)

14. Declutter my room, my closet, my LIFE!! - did this a little when I moved! 
15. Paint more; 12 finished pieces  Definitely did this. Here's 11, but there's definitely at least double this from the past year!

16. Cook a meal once a week - well, I do that NOW!
17. Start a collection of prismacolour markers - Yes! I have about 15!

18. Keep a Drawing Diary. - I have about a week's worth of entries.. ha....

I guess I didn't do tooooo badly! I'm super excited to make a new list tomorrow on my birthday - as is tradition, and I might carry some of these ones that I didn't succeed with onto this next list. Any ideas for what to put on my 19 before 20 list? Do you do birthday lists?


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Of Monsters & Men Concert

Last night I had the lucky opportunity to go to the Of Monsters and Men concert here in Toronto! OH my god - they were amazing. Like, mind blowingly so! I've never lost myself in music as much as I did during their show. They're all so cute and stylish too, just love them so much! Eee! And that's not the most exciting part, I'll let my photos explain:

Them performing Dirty Paws!

My Kami! She's the one that bought me the tickets for my birthday, love her so dearly!

I ALSO GOT TO MEET CARLY and ERYN! Carly and I have been blog buddies for a long time so it was SO cool to meet each other - they were both such lovely and stylish ladies. I wish our run-in hadn't been so brief, but it was still so nice to meet you both!! Even though we got the exit signs we were standing by confused, hehe! 

So here's the crazy part, my friends and I decided to sit down a while to wait for the crowd to dissipate through coat check. As we were about to leave we saw that there was a mini-crowd around the stage, so we went to investigate and lo and behold, SOME OF THE BAND MEMBERS WERE OUT! They signed things and took pictures and chatted and they were so great and it just made the night THAT much more memorable! I am still a little bit in shock.
She was so so so so lovely. And her voice is magic.

The super sarcastic hilarious drummer.

And the adorable guitarist(?) who referred to his suit as 'salmon pink' which was so adorable.

Ugh. What a stylish wonderful bunch. They were so pleasant and chatty and so kind. So essentially I had the best night ever and I am so glad I go to meet my favourite band, and that I got to spend it with some amazing people, and that I got to meet Carly and Eryn! All in all a flawless night! Even walking from Kool Haus to Union Station was a great adventure. We got scared by a swarm of noisy birds, someone shouted "BEATLE JUICE, BEAAAATLE JUICE" at me because of my pants, and we just laughed about it all! So Thank you Kami for buying me tickets for such a lovely night <3

Also - make sure you enter the Solé giveaway here!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Solé Giveaway!

The time has finally come for a Solé giveaway! And I am so excited to be giving out my creations to one lucky reader!

Win THIS trinket box, with a cute honeycomb design on the lid! The best part? 
It comes with a special Solé jewellery surprise inside ;) 
Maybe a ring, maybe a necklace, maybe a brooch, who knows!

To Enter:

1. (Necessary) Must be a follower of this blog and leave a comment letting me know what your favourite item in the shop is!
2. Tweet about this giveaway, and tag @KittySnooks so I know you did! 
3. Blog about the giveaway, comment with a link to the post!

Leave a separate comment for each entry! The winner will be chosen at random November 30th. That gives you 2 weeks to enter!

On a side note - things have been quiet around here, I'm going crazy with school and life and all of that, but I'm hoping to definitely have something to post about with my BIRTHDAY coming up next wednesday! Eek! So excited.

Have a good weekend guys!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Solé Show + New Items Up + a Sale!

Hey everyone! I'm exhausted today from all the time/work put into my show yesterday! I also babysat 5 kids and two crazy dogs last night after the show, so I'm poooooped! It was all very great though.

I'm a silly goose and forgot to get a picture of myself with my display - my Step Mom may have taken one, but I'll have to see!

The show was a lot of fun - I met so many great people who were also vending at the show, and I learned a whole lot about doing shows! It's really an art in and of itself, and is so much work, but so freakin' worth it I think. I don't know if I'll be doing any shows until summer simply because I need to focus on school, but who knows!

I might do a post introducing you guys to some of the artisans I met at the show, there was some really really cool stuff!

ALSO - I have finally put rings up in the shop!

And last but not least......

All prices have been reduced on my etsy! It's time to celebrate and pick out some lovely gifts for loved ones. I'm trying to do most of my christmas shopping with local/handmade artists - it may be a bit tougher to do so but I hope people will appreciate the sentiment of handmade things. If they don't I'll MAKE 'EM APPRECIATE IT ;) Baha. Kidding. Sort of. I guess after seeing how much work goes into shows and into handmade businesses I just really want to support others who do so as full time jobs to support themselves and their families.

Ok. This super convoluted post is over. And just to throw one more item into the sporadic post - I might very well be having a Solé giveaway soon..... stay tuned!