Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paintings; the 7 deadly sins.

We had to experiment with acrylic paints and different distressing techniques to give it a cool grunge-y effect! The prof encouraged us to use sandpaper and rubbing alcohol to work away at different layers of paint, and these were my experimental pieces for the theme "The 7 Deadly Sins"




This last piece is also Greed. This last one is what I'm going to try and recreate for my final!!
I've been experimenting with style in these pieces too, mostly because my usual style doesn't usually include acrylic - but I actually really like the results of these! Even if they're just test runs ;)

Hopefully I can be as satisfied with the final piece! Gulp!

(all images copyrighted to myself, Katia E. 2012)
xo Katia

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photoshoot with Alexandra Votsis part 2

From the series "Fallen Angel/Broken Heaven" from my photoshoot with my friend Alexandra Votsis. Pretty happy with how they turned out, especially with the last one here! I had both gold-painted and glitter-glued eyebrows at different points of this shoot, which was really cool, so much fun!

Hope you all had good weekends xo

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding Strength & Courage, via Bloggers.

I've been having a bit of a rough week. Without going into too much detail I'll just assure you that I am fine, just emotionally drained I suppose. Every chance I get I end up reading others' blogs. I've found myself astounded by the things I've read in the past few days that have been so appropriate, and so helpful given my situation, and have genuinely given me strength, and given me the courage to do what's right for ME.

I wanted to share a few links to blog posts that I've found empowering in the past few days.

Arielle (from Humple Pie)'s post about Women Warriors

Jules (from the life of a cupcake)'s Happy Girls Post featuring Amber

This post about changing your attitude to have a happier life.

Laura (from Violet Bella)'s post about Going Within

And last but not least. Some Kelly Clarkson music.

You have to admit, a lot of her music is really empowering and about doing what's right for herself, no matter what.

My new years resolution is to stand up for myself, do what's right for me, and learn to say NO when I genuinely want to say no, and not to do things that are too much for me to handle just because I have a natural tendency to sacrifice my own time, emotions, energy, etc. to make others happy. That sounds like I'm tooting my own horn but I really don't mean to - just saying that I am learning to do it at a level that keeps me sane at the same time.

On the bright side. I love it when people are understanding. I love the people in my life for always being understanding and wonderful and accepting.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Photoshoot with Alexandra Votsis part 1

 I SO love going to an arts school.
My friend Alexandra is in the photography program, and she asked me if I wanted to model for her - of course I jumped on the opportunity! Who wouldn't want high quality, funky creative photos of themselves? Plus she's such a fun girl to hang out with - we had a total blast!

There's a whole themed shoot that came after this one that has yet to be edited, but I'll definitely be sharing those once they're up - I'm so excited, there are some really interesting shots in the themed set.

How talented is this photographer?! I'm absolutely honoured to have worked with her, be sure to check out her flickr account  HERE to see more of her incredible photos (it's worth it, trust me!). 

On another note, I wanted to share this piece I did for an assignment. "Experimental watercolours". I bet you can tell that I decided to experiment on slats of wood. The theme was "Secret life of a celebrity" and we were given a list of specific celebs to work with - I chose Natalie Portman because I could play off the idea that she cut her hair short. Conceptually it's not brilliant (the idea that she cut her hair to conceal evidence of drug abuse) but I like how it turned out!

I think watercolour, and just generally working on wood is one of my favourite mediums.
What's your favourite medium?! Do you have a certain type of paint or marker that just makes you feel like making more and more and more art every time you use it?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week in a Nutshell (read:in a blogpost)

Trying to capture the steam and reflections of my tea, this one actually turned out really cool!

Had a beautiful brunch with my mom! French pastries are so pretty (and SO yummy!)

Product of my first still-life painting, can I have bragging rights for 3 sentences? My prof used mine as an example for the rest of the class. This never happens for anything ever. So it was pretty exciting and I thought I deserved to share just this once ;) !

I tried some liquid liner and really loved it! Too bad I'm trying a no-makeup thing, but that doesn't mean I can't have a day or two with some special eye makeup ;)

Recently discovered this tea, apparently it's from England - it's super delish!

So I accidentally burnt my cookie, and my microwave. Had a bit of a meltdown and panicked, worried that I'd just burnt my whole house down. But alas, the microwave and cookie are all that was damaged.

Went tobogganing with my friends last night. These two + three other of my great friends all came along and we had a total blast and got a few bruises, but it was a magical night and I even saw shooting star! And of course, I made a special wish ;)

They opened a frozen yogurt place in my neighbourhood, and get this: IT'S SELF SERVE!
You basically go through the little stations with the flavours then toppings and they charge you based on the weight of it in the end. I had red velvet and creme brulee flavours with red velvet chunks and chocolate sprinkles. Amazing. It might just be my favourite new place.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish-list & art

I used to have Soft Spot Saturdays. But I tend to fill my Saturdays with plans and people to see and outings to... go out to. Wednesdays on the other hand are my day off during the week, and so I figure Wednesday Wish-lists could be a regular (or semi-regular) Wednesday-based feature. That and I've been super style-inspired as of late and have a considerably hefty list of wishes to save up for.

1. Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat: I've been seeing these everywhere. Including thrift stores. Either this is a  huge up-coming trend or the leopard prints are calling out to me. Nevertheless, I desperately want! 2. White skinnies 3. Beaver Canoe sweater from Roots (craving comfort) 4. A pair of new boots/booties/with heels? 5. Velvet ORANGE pants from Aritzia? yes please 6. Urban outfitters necklaces. I liiike.

I'm having a major clothing-crave, but I'm focusing my funds on art supplies right now. I'm in such a "clothing phase" that I even bought a dress secondhand for cheap from a friend from school, it's this beautiful little denim number with a ruffle 'round the middle, definitely keep an eye out for it as I'll probably be including it in an outfit post eventually ;)

Speaking of art supplies....
My friend let me borrow his grayscale prismacolour set, so that I could decide for myself whether it was worth spending the money to buy a set of 12.

Let's just say I definitely think it's worth it. And that he's not getting his markers back.
(Kidding. Of course he will....)

(ps. No one specified WHEN he would get them back though......)
(pps. Don't worry. I'll give them back tommorrow. Maybe....)

xo Katia

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kitty Snooks REVAMPED!

2012 means a new year, new beginnings, new things. 
This blog is no exception and I'm hoping to have the greatest year with Kitty Snooks. Last year I did a creation a day blog on which the posting dwindled towards the end, because my posts didn't feel like myself and felt dry and focused solely on my artwork, I didn't know how to break away from it! And then came Kitty Snooks, and I think I've finally found the right, balanced kind of blogging for me.

This year, for this blog, I plan on:
- Outfit posts (more of them!!)
- DIYs
- Recaps of my 18 before 19 goals
- Possible book reviews (need to actually read the books first...)
- Sharing music
- And much much more.

It's a part of the "much much more" I'm looking forward to the most, but I can't yet disclose what it really is!!

So I designed this new layout because I wanted something simpler, but still kinda fun and I worked long and hard on this one and am really happy with the way it turned out! Orange is one of my favourite colours in design, always has been!

I have new pages, and I also included a blog roll so if you're interested in swapping buttons, we can totally talk about it! Send me an email! (listed on the sidebar or buttons page)

So... yeah.

(be excited with me?)
(ps. what do you guys think of the layout?)
(pps. be honest!)
(ppps. but be kind too, of course. constructive criticism only!)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Overdue 18 before 19 post

As I'm sure many of you know, the "[current age number] before [next age number]" lists are pretty big in the blogging community. There's something more personal about them than New Years Resolutions - because they're for YOU for YOUR birthday. I figure that's why I like them at least, and I finally finalized a list of eighteen achievable, realistic goals to accomplish before my next birthday!! Here is a list and a little explanation for the goals that need one!

o1. Write and illustrate picture book
Not necessarily a kid's book, just an illustrated little story of sorts.

o2. Take up a form of excercise 
Yoga? Swimming? Rock climbing? I've never been a sports girl, aside from gymnastics, and it's only been the last year or so that I've started to actually work out. I want to learn to work out in a new fun way!

o3. Move to Downtown Toronto!!
I go to school downtown, and I currently have an hour long commute which sucks when I have 8:30 classes! Plus, downtown is so alive and full of fun things. 

o4. Have an overall-wearing day with my best friend.
One of my best friends and I somehow came to the conclusion that him and I would buy overalls at GoodWill and wear them to school last year. It didn't happen, but we're going to make it happen somehow this year! Just because we said we would....

o5. Mandatory trip to Montreal with my other friend Krista.
Krista is another of my best friends and her and I have talked about going for a trip to Montreal to visit some of her friends! I love Montreal but hardly remember my first visit there, so I'd love to go again, especially with one of my besties!

o6. Train for a 5K charity run
o8. Film & edit my own short film
o9. Get my G2 driver's license

1o. Learn how to skateboard.
Those who follow me on twitter know that my boyfriend skateboards and that I painted a design on the deck of a longboard he's making! I've always wanted to learn, so he's offered to teach me once the weather gets warmer - excited!

11. Complete "Window Monsters" illustrated series
This is a series I'll do a post on soon. I woke up one day from a dream and I am not sure how it morphed into this idea, but somehow I woke up with this idea right on my mind and I immediately decided I should do it! It has to do with peoples' inner deamons and drawing them within a window - like looking into someone's soul sort of concept. 

12. Surprise project to be revealed soon!
As it says. To be reavealed!

13. Musical project
My friend Anna and I have decided to join in mutual musical mediocracy (haha alliteration) and form a "band".... if it could be called such. We've already recorded one cover and it's so much fun! Even if we aren't all that talented musically (though I think she is wonderful, she disagrees)

14. Declutter my room, my closet, my LIFE!!

15. Paint more; 12 finished pieces
I love painting. But I never get off my butt and actually DO IT. So I've decided I will, because every time I paint again I feel like I've been reunited with a long lost best friend.

16. Cook a meal once a week
Next year, if all works out, I'm going to be moving out of my parents' home! I'll need to cook and care for myself, so I want to learn NOW. (Any simple recipe suggestions would be great!)

17. Start a collection of prismacolour markers.
This was established in the last post. Today I bought a new one though! A second flesh toned marker but darker, so that I can shade! This is what I did with it today

I'm trying things out. Been feeling stumped with my art lately - one of those ruts where I feel like nothing I create is good enough. But I guess the only way out is by making even more! This one looks like she has a mullet of fire luuuuulz.

18. Keep a Drawing Diary.
I often need to just doodle, no finished pieces, nothing thought out, just doodling! I've decided by having a drawing journal that keeps track of what I've been up to that I'll doodle more and let loose and explore a bit!

So there you have it! my 18 things to do before turning 19!

This weekend I am updating the blog big time. I'm super excited, it's the first time I've put a significant amount of time designing and trying to find something that fit exactly what I wanted for my blog, and it shows! I usually rush layouts and stuff (I'm not going to lie about it, it's true!) But this time I've worked for a few weeks on it, and in my opinion it definitely worked out better than usual!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Goal: Prismacolor Collection

What do you guys think of my new 'stache??
Do you know of Prismacolor Markers? They're some of the smoothest most amazing markers to use and ever since I started getting interested in Illustration when I was about 15, I wanted some Prismacolours. So bad. But I was always deprived because each marker costs about 4 bucks. A kit of 24 is 80$..... so basically way out of my budget when I thought I made out just fine with crayola markers and watercolours.

But alas. I am delving even further into the world of Illustration with the start of a new semester. I am really hoping to improve and explore and develop my drawing style, and on top of this I used one of my friend's Prismacolors and I fell in love. One of my to-do goals before I turn 19 is to have a collection of Prismacolor markers.

And so I came up with a plan. I won't buy lunches anymore (I'll bring them from home), and I'll skip on buying coffee when I'm out. Instead of spending 4 to 7 bucks on these things, I'll save up to spend 4$ on a marker now and then. Today I bought my first to ring in the new semester - I chose a flesh tone because that is what I lack in my good ol' crayola set! As soon as I got home I got experimenting:

The skin tone is done with prismacolour and shaded with pencil crayon. The rest is done with my crayolas. I had my first mixed media class today and I've got to admit I'm already super inspired to try things out!

I'm going to start blogging more about my artwork this year. I'm determined to work hard at it and I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of my work when I do post it :)

Do any of you guys post your art on your blog? Leave me a link, I'd love to see what's out there!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Design Mind .03

 So for anyone new to the blog, first of all, Helluuuu! Second of all, you should know that I am currently studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. OCAD U for short. The degree  I will graduate with is a Bachelor of Design. However my focus is in illustration! As such, I do love graphic novels. I haven't grown overly fond of the superhero or anime ones that you would normally associate with the term "Graphic Novel". Of course, I appreciate all the artwork, but people seem to think that those are the only types of graphic novels out there. And because I think graphic novels are often misunderstood, I thought I'd share my favourite few!

Chimichanga. I bought this within my first week of starting at OCAD this September. I thought the artwork was so appealing and unique so I bought it from an awesome comic store downtown between classes (Silver Snail, if anyone lives here and is inclined to check it out!). It's the cutest little story about a bearded circus girl who finds a monster and keeps him as her pet. I thought the illustrations were better than the story/plot, but it was all very surreal and strange and I loved it nonetheless!

"J'aurais adore etre ethnologue".  So here's a tidbit, not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I'm fluent in French. The last time I was in Paris about three years ago, I picked up a few french graphic novels that were very much aimed towards teenage girls - which I LOVED and thought there wasn't enough of down here! This particular book, illustrated by a fashion illustrator, was actually the very book that inspired me to go into illustration. She writes about her daily life as a mother and a freelance illustrator, she's hilarious about it though! I'll admit, I have a fantasy of being the Margaux Motin of Toronto in my future and creating a girly graphic novel such as this one! 

It's honestly the funniest book, if you understand french well enough to read it. She often writes words phonetically to emphasize how she would say it. "KOAAAA?!" is really "Quoi?", meaning "what?". That sort of thing. 

Bone. Ah Bone. I read this when I was quite a bit younger, it's the kind of book that appeals to all ages though - my mom and younger brother read it too! There's a whole bunch of sequels and the story really draws you in - though I probably wouldn't be able to properly summarize it since I read it so long ago! The characters are all so cute - even the evil ones aren't so scary looking, and I think it's a fantastically crafted graphic novel series.

So there you have it, my favourite graphic novels! If you like graphic novels and haven't read these, try to get your hands on them for some reading! They're honestly amazing and each is super unique. 

Do you have a favourite graphic novel? 
Let me know! I'd love to find some new ones to add to my collection!