Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Design Mind .03

 So for anyone new to the blog, first of all, Helluuuu! Second of all, you should know that I am currently studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. OCAD U for short. The degree  I will graduate with is a Bachelor of Design. However my focus is in illustration! As such, I do love graphic novels. I haven't grown overly fond of the superhero or anime ones that you would normally associate with the term "Graphic Novel". Of course, I appreciate all the artwork, but people seem to think that those are the only types of graphic novels out there. And because I think graphic novels are often misunderstood, I thought I'd share my favourite few!

Chimichanga. I bought this within my first week of starting at OCAD this September. I thought the artwork was so appealing and unique so I bought it from an awesome comic store downtown between classes (Silver Snail, if anyone lives here and is inclined to check it out!). It's the cutest little story about a bearded circus girl who finds a monster and keeps him as her pet. I thought the illustrations were better than the story/plot, but it was all very surreal and strange and I loved it nonetheless!

"J'aurais adore etre ethnologue".  So here's a tidbit, not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I'm fluent in French. The last time I was in Paris about three years ago, I picked up a few french graphic novels that were very much aimed towards teenage girls - which I LOVED and thought there wasn't enough of down here! This particular book, illustrated by a fashion illustrator, was actually the very book that inspired me to go into illustration. She writes about her daily life as a mother and a freelance illustrator, she's hilarious about it though! I'll admit, I have a fantasy of being the Margaux Motin of Toronto in my future and creating a girly graphic novel such as this one! 

It's honestly the funniest book, if you understand french well enough to read it. She often writes words phonetically to emphasize how she would say it. "KOAAAA?!" is really "Quoi?", meaning "what?". That sort of thing. 

Bone. Ah Bone. I read this when I was quite a bit younger, it's the kind of book that appeals to all ages though - my mom and younger brother read it too! There's a whole bunch of sequels and the story really draws you in - though I probably wouldn't be able to properly summarize it since I read it so long ago! The characters are all so cute - even the evil ones aren't so scary looking, and I think it's a fantastically crafted graphic novel series.

So there you have it, my favourite graphic novels! If you like graphic novels and haven't read these, try to get your hands on them for some reading! They're honestly amazing and each is super unique. 

Do you have a favourite graphic novel? 
Let me know! I'd love to find some new ones to add to my collection!



  1. Ah! I looked into going to college there, it's in Toronto right? I'm just going to stay in Dublin, Ireland though. But if I got the chance to take a year to study abroad I'd be there in a heartbeat. I want to do Visual Communication and then do something in illustration when I finish :)(Children's book illustrator being the ultimate dream!)
    I love Calvin and Hobbes, my friend got me into them.


  2. Hello! Out of these I have only looked at some of the Margaux Motin. The little bit you posted above is so funny, I did that a lot when I worked in a daycare in Quebec!
    I haven't read many graphic novels but there was a manga I read called "Kare Kano" that I loved. I don't normally like manga so much but this series was really good, full of little jokes and observations that don't come out as much in western media.
    Haha, I'll definitely check your blog a bit more often. -Allie