Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week in a Nutshell (read:in a blogpost)

Trying to capture the steam and reflections of my tea, this one actually turned out really cool!

Had a beautiful brunch with my mom! French pastries are so pretty (and SO yummy!)

Product of my first still-life painting, can I have bragging rights for 3 sentences? My prof used mine as an example for the rest of the class. This never happens for anything ever. So it was pretty exciting and I thought I deserved to share just this once ;) !

I tried some liquid liner and really loved it! Too bad I'm trying a no-makeup thing, but that doesn't mean I can't have a day or two with some special eye makeup ;)

Recently discovered this tea, apparently it's from England - it's super delish!

So I accidentally burnt my cookie, and my microwave. Had a bit of a meltdown and panicked, worried that I'd just burnt my whole house down. But alas, the microwave and cookie are all that was damaged.

Went tobogganing with my friends last night. These two + three other of my great friends all came along and we had a total blast and got a few bruises, but it was a magical night and I even saw shooting star! And of course, I made a special wish ;)

They opened a frozen yogurt place in my neighbourhood, and get this: IT'S SELF SERVE!
You basically go through the little stations with the flavours then toppings and they charge you based on the weight of it in the end. I had red velvet and creme brulee flavours with red velvet chunks and chocolate sprinkles. Amazing. It might just be my favourite new place.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!


  1. I love the look of the liquid liner!!! I definitely need to break mine out of storage and start trying it out :)
    Want to swap buttons? Email me at:

    And here is my button page :)

  2. It looks like your weekend was fabulous!!! Yummy pastries and hot drinks..all you need, with the exception of the cookie :p

    Your still life looks amazing!
    I wish I was an artist like you. You're so talented!!

    Ps - I LOVE Gustav Klimt TOO! I had the calendar for 2010 and a poster of his work in my living room that I got 4 years ago.

  3. My first bout with liquid liner was a disaster...and all subsequent bouts after that. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  4. OH MY GOOOOODNESS, I would DIE if there was froyo in my neighborhood (pleasee God, pleaseeee!)
    I'm sorry about your cookie, and your mircowave. My brother acutally did that once when he was little, he burnt everything (food and inside of microwave) to ashes! So, don't worry about your microwaving skills... you're just an grasshopper compared to him :) haha.

  5. Lovely nature morte! No wonder your professor used it as an example! And oh my, i'd do anything for a cup of frozen yoghurt right now! Lucky you!

  6. Awesome photo recap! I love those frozen yogurt places. They are AMAZING.

  7. Hahaha "this never happens for anything ever." Yeah, right :P
    And a self-serve place in your neighbour hood?? I've been to one once, it was so exciting! Lucky you, hehe.