Thursday, January 12, 2012

Overdue 18 before 19 post

As I'm sure many of you know, the "[current age number] before [next age number]" lists are pretty big in the blogging community. There's something more personal about them than New Years Resolutions - because they're for YOU for YOUR birthday. I figure that's why I like them at least, and I finally finalized a list of eighteen achievable, realistic goals to accomplish before my next birthday!! Here is a list and a little explanation for the goals that need one!

o1. Write and illustrate picture book
Not necessarily a kid's book, just an illustrated little story of sorts.

o2. Take up a form of excercise 
Yoga? Swimming? Rock climbing? I've never been a sports girl, aside from gymnastics, and it's only been the last year or so that I've started to actually work out. I want to learn to work out in a new fun way!

o3. Move to Downtown Toronto!!
I go to school downtown, and I currently have an hour long commute which sucks when I have 8:30 classes! Plus, downtown is so alive and full of fun things. 

o4. Have an overall-wearing day with my best friend.
One of my best friends and I somehow came to the conclusion that him and I would buy overalls at GoodWill and wear them to school last year. It didn't happen, but we're going to make it happen somehow this year! Just because we said we would....

o5. Mandatory trip to Montreal with my other friend Krista.
Krista is another of my best friends and her and I have talked about going for a trip to Montreal to visit some of her friends! I love Montreal but hardly remember my first visit there, so I'd love to go again, especially with one of my besties!

o6. Train for a 5K charity run
o8. Film & edit my own short film
o9. Get my G2 driver's license

1o. Learn how to skateboard.
Those who follow me on twitter know that my boyfriend skateboards and that I painted a design on the deck of a longboard he's making! I've always wanted to learn, so he's offered to teach me once the weather gets warmer - excited!

11. Complete "Window Monsters" illustrated series
This is a series I'll do a post on soon. I woke up one day from a dream and I am not sure how it morphed into this idea, but somehow I woke up with this idea right on my mind and I immediately decided I should do it! It has to do with peoples' inner deamons and drawing them within a window - like looking into someone's soul sort of concept. 

12. Surprise project to be revealed soon!
As it says. To be reavealed!

13. Musical project
My friend Anna and I have decided to join in mutual musical mediocracy (haha alliteration) and form a "band".... if it could be called such. We've already recorded one cover and it's so much fun! Even if we aren't all that talented musically (though I think she is wonderful, she disagrees)

14. Declutter my room, my closet, my LIFE!!

15. Paint more; 12 finished pieces
I love painting. But I never get off my butt and actually DO IT. So I've decided I will, because every time I paint again I feel like I've been reunited with a long lost best friend.

16. Cook a meal once a week
Next year, if all works out, I'm going to be moving out of my parents' home! I'll need to cook and care for myself, so I want to learn NOW. (Any simple recipe suggestions would be great!)

17. Start a collection of prismacolour markers.
This was established in the last post. Today I bought a new one though! A second flesh toned marker but darker, so that I can shade! This is what I did with it today

I'm trying things out. Been feeling stumped with my art lately - one of those ruts where I feel like nothing I create is good enough. But I guess the only way out is by making even more! This one looks like she has a mullet of fire luuuuulz.

18. Keep a Drawing Diary.
I often need to just doodle, no finished pieces, nothing thought out, just doodling! I've decided by having a drawing journal that keeps track of what I've been up to that I'll doodle more and let loose and explore a bit!

So there you have it! my 18 things to do before turning 19!

This weekend I am updating the blog big time. I'm super excited, it's the first time I've put a significant amount of time designing and trying to find something that fit exactly what I wanted for my blog, and it shows! I usually rush layouts and stuff (I'm not going to lie about it, it's true!) But this time I've worked for a few weeks on it, and in my opinion it definitely worked out better than usual!



  1. Such a creating list! I love it.

    Looking forward to see what you have planned for this here blog in 2012!

  2. An art journal is such a good idea! I wish I had mine from my high school art classes. Good luck on finishing your list.

    xo Amber P.

  3. Your blog is REALLY amazing! Glad I just found it!


  4. I love this list!! Seriously :)
    These sound like great, inspiring and attainable goals. Go you! Best of luck.

    I definitely own a pair of overalls (I used them a lot when I use to paint) and LOVE them to death!!! I got mine from GW hehe

    Montreal is beautiful! It's the only place in Canada I've ever been!

  5. I really like your first goal! That's very true to you. I love the one about the overalls. I'm always sticking up for overalls when people bash them; they always seem so simple and classic.

  6. You make me feel so old!!!
    I'm jealous that you're so ambitious though, you're gonna go far!

  7. your blog is so adorable! So glad I stumbled across it!