Friday, January 27, 2012

Photoshoot with Alexandra Votsis part 1

 I SO love going to an arts school.
My friend Alexandra is in the photography program, and she asked me if I wanted to model for her - of course I jumped on the opportunity! Who wouldn't want high quality, funky creative photos of themselves? Plus she's such a fun girl to hang out with - we had a total blast!

There's a whole themed shoot that came after this one that has yet to be edited, but I'll definitely be sharing those once they're up - I'm so excited, there are some really interesting shots in the themed set.

How talented is this photographer?! I'm absolutely honoured to have worked with her, be sure to check out her flickr account  HERE to see more of her incredible photos (it's worth it, trust me!). 

On another note, I wanted to share this piece I did for an assignment. "Experimental watercolours". I bet you can tell that I decided to experiment on slats of wood. The theme was "Secret life of a celebrity" and we were given a list of specific celebs to work with - I chose Natalie Portman because I could play off the idea that she cut her hair short. Conceptually it's not brilliant (the idea that she cut her hair to conceal evidence of drug abuse) but I like how it turned out!

I think watercolour, and just generally working on wood is one of my favourite mediums.
What's your favourite medium?! Do you have a certain type of paint or marker that just makes you feel like making more and more and more art every time you use it?



    Seriously! :D

    You're so gorgeous! I'm checking out her Flickr right now!

    Btw, I fixed the Facebook link! So now you can like her page! Sorry about that -

  2. You look great and your friend did a great job. I love the close up picture of you.
    Yayyyyyy for you loving art school.

  3. The third picture is gorgeous! And the painting is awesome. I really love how the watercolor looks on wood, too.

  4. wow, i love the photos! you look really beautiful... lucky to have such a friend! xx

  5. You look beautiful! The 4th picture is my fave!

  6. gorgeous photos!
    xo, cheyenne