Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish-list & art

I used to have Soft Spot Saturdays. But I tend to fill my Saturdays with plans and people to see and outings to... go out to. Wednesdays on the other hand are my day off during the week, and so I figure Wednesday Wish-lists could be a regular (or semi-regular) Wednesday-based feature. That and I've been super style-inspired as of late and have a considerably hefty list of wishes to save up for.

1. Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat: I've been seeing these everywhere. Including thrift stores. Either this is a  huge up-coming trend or the leopard prints are calling out to me. Nevertheless, I desperately want! 2. White skinnies 3. Beaver Canoe sweater from Roots (craving comfort) 4. A pair of new boots/booties/with heels? 5. Velvet ORANGE pants from Aritzia? yes please 6. Urban outfitters necklaces. I liiike.

I'm having a major clothing-crave, but I'm focusing my funds on art supplies right now. I'm in such a "clothing phase" that I even bought a dress secondhand for cheap from a friend from school, it's this beautiful little denim number with a ruffle 'round the middle, definitely keep an eye out for it as I'll probably be including it in an outfit post eventually ;)

Speaking of art supplies....
My friend let me borrow his grayscale prismacolour set, so that I could decide for myself whether it was worth spending the money to buy a set of 12.

Let's just say I definitely think it's worth it. And that he's not getting his markers back.
(Kidding. Of course he will....)

(ps. No one specified WHEN he would get them back though......)
(pps. Don't worry. I'll give them back tommorrow. Maybe....)

xo Katia


  1. I've totally been craving a faux leopard coat too. They are to much fun! Great picks :)

  2. I love the necklaces you found. I want desperately to be able to wear whatever jewelry I want, but my skin gets irritated so easily. Also, those markers seem awesome. I wish I could draw so I could justify spending the money on Prismacolor markers. I hope you get some for yourself soon! (But yay for friends who let you borrow things!)

  3. That drawing is sick.
    Also, I don't understand trends. When my older sister bought a fur jacket a month ago, I was like WTF! People still wear those?

    I guess it's coming back now.

  4. I like this Wishlist series!

    I seriously love your drawings..maybe you should draw me...what? ;)

  5. I could not pull off those orange pants! I'd imagine you could, but I would turn so many heads in a bad way haha. I love your last outfit post. Those jeans with that superhero tee is genius. Very badass.

  6. I've been saving up for other things as well but still really want some new clothes! I love the shoes and jewelry :)

    I wish I had a friend to borrow art supplies from before buying. Those grayscale markers look great and then with the touch of color in the picture just makes it more awesome.

    xo Amber P.