Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Power of a Marker (or two).

As some/most of you know I've recently started a collection of prismacolor markers. They are alcohol based markers and they've totally changed the way I approach drawing! 

The colours, the blending, the smoothness, the possibilities that all of these give me in my drawings, these markers open so many doors. I only have a few markers, as they are a little price-y, but they're really worth skipping coffee a few days a week for.

This one's a favourite!
This green colour is called "Green Tea" which is so perfect, and it's the softest most calming colour, I love drawing with it!

This one is... odd. In a good way though I think! I do like how it turned out and like drawing this way. I just always get asked "What is it" or "Who's that?" and sometimes there's no answer. Sometimes I just draw.

And some more green + blue combination!

Yup. It's been another drawing-filled weekend, which is always a good one in my books!
I'm on my reading week (spring break) right now, so I'm hoping I'll find some time to draw and paint and create! But I am going on a family trip to Ottawa next weekend, which limits my time to see old friends back from their respective university towns from across the country. Oh well! I'm excited for it all nonetheless.

Not to mention the much-needed freedom to sleep.
I'm the kinda girl that needs her zZzZzz's, all-nighters have never really worked out for me.
Speaking of which, it's about time to jump into bed. My comfy mountain of blankets and pillows await!


Friday, February 17, 2012

To my baby brother.

(I had written this for a guest post for Valentine's day, but had some e-mailing issues and it never got sent, and since it's my brother's birthday tomorrow I found it appropriate to post this part of what I wrote, it gets a bit wordy but he's worth it :) </cheesiness>. Ha. I lie, the cheesy's just getting started. )

This is my brother Pierre and I (We're cute, I know). He's turning 12 tommorrow, so he's still quite the youngling! But somehow he's one of the most mature, intelligent, kind-hearted, wonderful people I've ever met. He's the type to walk into my room and see that I'd been crying, and walk up to me and give me a hug, or go back to his room to grab a chocolate for me from his prized candy stash. One day that has been especially burnt into my memory was a day where he went above and beyond on the caring-brother scale. 

My family was up in the country-side at my aunt's house for a vacation this past summer, house sitting for her. It was a really rough week for me as I was going through some really emotional stuff.  I was already struggling to keep it together when I had a really big fight with my sister.
(I love her too, of course. But we fight like sisters.)
(Probably because we are sisters... funny that!) 

Anyway. Looking back and recounting this, I feel like a bit of a drama queen, but it was almost like I went on autopilot when I ran from the house and into the forest where my uncle had built a cabin by a large tobogganing hill. I just needed to get away I guess, spend sometime on my own which is hard to do when on vacation with your family. Eventually though, my little brother poked his head through the pathway in the trees and walked up to the cabin. He sat next to me on the porch until I felt happy again. He brought me my shoes, because I had run barefoot, and walked back with me trying to make me laugh the whole way. I swear it's one of the sweetest things anyone's ever done and I will forever owe him for that day. He stands up for me, jokes around with me, and always knocks on my bedroom door to say goodnight before he goes to bed. He came to my graduation ceremonies, my pre-prom, everything. 

(We get cuter with every picture, our genetics are just so great aren't they?)

I wish I could give him a hug right now. I get to see him tomorrow for his birthday dinner and I got him a book on WW2 and some gummy candies I found shaped like those green toy soldiers. Really excited to give them to him!

So here's to the best brother I could ever ask for, Happy Birthday little guy! You rock.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Creative title and wonky writing on a busy morning!
(I swear I can write straight when I try)
(EDIT: Yes. I definitely wrote 2011 first. What can I say I'm apparently stuck in the past. Thank goodness for photoshop! Hehe....)

From someone who is newly single but happily so (dat's me!) I hope you dedicate part of today to loving yourself too. Go for a walk - give love to your body. Wear something really pretty so you feel amazing. Have your favourite food no matter what diet you're on. Have a nice bath with bubbles and candles. Watch your favourite movie. Do your favourite thing.
Love yourself.

I'd say so much more. Love is one of my favourite things, not romantic love necessarily. Just love. And a whole day dedicated to it just makes me so happy. But I have class in two and a half hours and I need to make some cupcakes so. I might post again later!

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you guys :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sushi Time!

We had some issues with the rice - after an hour and a half of cooking and extra cups of water, it STILL was not entirely cooked through. Being the hungry girlies we were, we decided to just use what we had and do our best despite the defective rice. Can rice even be defective? No clue. But it was either that or our water and I think defective rice is a better bet than defective water... ;)

It was so yummy, and so fun to make with my cousin - who is kind of one of my best friends too! Such a great way to start off my weekend :)

Today as well I spent with her (she stayed for a sleepover!) and then later went to dinner at my aunt's house, so it's been a family filled weekend thus far which has been really nice and relaxing. It's always refreshing I find to bond with your family, to reconnect with your roots so to speak.

Hope you're all having lovely weekends too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Digital + Hand Drawn Works

I recently/finally set up a printer/scanner that I got for Christmas (yes, I am a huge procrastinator sometimes... shh), and I've been inspired to scan in some line drawings and colour them and play around with them on photoshop! Here's a peek at some stuff I've done!

Little tidbit: I write poetry type things a lot. Usually only phrases that I think sound good, but I love combining my illustrations to them. This was actually a reflection of my scary migraine episode, which led to a stomach ache and a general icky feeling for the rest of the day.

Have you guys heard of Ambird (Amber)? She's this crazy-super-talented illustrator and she holds Sunday Night Drawing Challenges that are really fun to get into, this is the first I've participated in and I can safely say I'm definitely going to try and do it every week!
(ps. yes. That is a blender on his forehead.)
Moral of the drawing: never try and be something you're not - you'll end up looking extremely foolish.

I have honestly never felt so inspired and determined to succeed than I do right now. I don't know what it is. I think it's this newfound realization of how badly I want to succeed as an artist/illustrator and just how passionate about it. My fire's been re-lit and it feels amazing. I have such a great project planned and I can't wait to share it with you guys :)


images copyrighted (c) 2012 to Katia E.

Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Eat a Chocolate Orange

I can be super silly. 
I think I need more silly up in here, so I documented the way I eat chocolate oranges.
Y'know, the super delicious kind that I could eat all in one hour and then feel really sick after?
Sooooooo goooooooooood.

(ps. I actually do goof off with my food like this sometimes.)
(pps. sometimes most of the time.)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scary migraines n' stuff

Yesterday was supposed to be one of those productive days.
Y'know. The awesome kind of day where you clean your room, get all your assignments done, go art supply shopping with your mom, walk your dog, watch last Monday's 90210 episode, AND squeeze in a blog post?

Yeah. Well clearly that didn't happen for me (sadface) and I'll tell you why.
I basically had the scariest thing ever happen to me yesterday.
If you don't care to read about my wacko health rant, then I suggest you skip this.

So I was just getting to work on a self portrait painting when suddenly I felt like I couldn't see the spot that I was trying to look at to paint. I could see that things in my peripheral vision were still visible an fine, but this one spot that I was trying to focus on just didn't show up in my vision. I figured I had accidentally stared at my lamp and gotten one of those sunspots. But then the weird blind spot started to change and the edges of my vision started to distort - it looked like things were shimmering when I knew they weren't. It came to the point where I was staring directly in front of me and held my hand at one spot in my peripheral vision. My hand would disappear. I would move my fingers but not see even a blurred movement, it was just gone.

Needless to say I thought I was going blind, having a stroke, or simply dying. I called my mother in tears freaking out that I couldn't see my hand (and believe it or not, worrying that I wouldn't be able to get my project done. I really am a workaholic, damn.) and THANKFULLY, she reassured me that it was what's called an ocular migraine. So basically it's just like how some people get head-pain migraines, except this affected my vision and gave me a massive headache after. So I'm gonna live (knock on wood) but it was really the most frightening experience. I was so shaken and tired after and am still a bit worried about it.
Any of you ever had an ocular migraine before?

Anyway. My vision wasn't all that went crayyyzayyy yesterday:

My hair was huge and had awkward un-explainable sticky out-y curly bits at the ends. It's still kinda like that today which is weird. Maybe my migraine messed with my hair follicles...
Jokessss!  I may not be a scientist, or a science student, or one who has studied science more than what was required by my highschool to graduate, but I do know that it wouldn't affect the hair that's already there.
Nor would it even be possible really. I don't think....

Anywho, that's my scary story of the week. It's been a stressful week even aside from that, but I'm hoping to make the time for an outfit post in the next few days. I also have some art things to share!