Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Power of a Marker (or two).

As some/most of you know I've recently started a collection of prismacolor markers. They are alcohol based markers and they've totally changed the way I approach drawing! 

The colours, the blending, the smoothness, the possibilities that all of these give me in my drawings, these markers open so many doors. I only have a few markers, as they are a little price-y, but they're really worth skipping coffee a few days a week for.

This one's a favourite!
This green colour is called "Green Tea" which is so perfect, and it's the softest most calming colour, I love drawing with it!

This one is... odd. In a good way though I think! I do like how it turned out and like drawing this way. I just always get asked "What is it" or "Who's that?" and sometimes there's no answer. Sometimes I just draw.

And some more green + blue combination!

Yup. It's been another drawing-filled weekend, which is always a good one in my books!
I'm on my reading week (spring break) right now, so I'm hoping I'll find some time to draw and paint and create! But I am going on a family trip to Ottawa next weekend, which limits my time to see old friends back from their respective university towns from across the country. Oh well! I'm excited for it all nonetheless.

Not to mention the much-needed freedom to sleep.
I'm the kinda girl that needs her zZzZzz's, all-nighters have never really worked out for me.
Speaking of which, it's about time to jump into bed. My comfy mountain of blankets and pillows await!



  1. The 2nd one is my fave! So pretty, I love it!!

  2. Love these. The second one's my favorite, too! Portraits are my favorite drawings to look at. Definitely wish I had more art skills.

  3. prisma colour markers were on our supply list in college and they were amazing!

  4. hi dearest! We tagged you in 11 questions post today! check it out! :-) www.chestnutmocha.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions.html

  5. Hi! I love that green tea color:) saw your blog url on a BusyBeelauren comment and decided to check it:) hi, from Busybeelauren-land:)

  6. Hi, great drawings, love your style! happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  7. these are seriously so neat! you definitely have a talent, lady! ahh, i love them!

  8. I'm with you! I LOVE my sleep!
    These drawings are fantastic! I really like the green and blue combo.
    And, "Sometimes I just draw" is the best quote!! :)

  9. You're so talented!

  10. Okay, I seriously want you to make me a drawing! I'll even pay for it!! I love your artwork and I seriously need an original print so I can frame it :)

  11. love your art, hun. really unique and pretty!