Friday, February 17, 2012

To my baby brother.

(I had written this for a guest post for Valentine's day, but had some e-mailing issues and it never got sent, and since it's my brother's birthday tomorrow I found it appropriate to post this part of what I wrote, it gets a bit wordy but he's worth it :) </cheesiness>. Ha. I lie, the cheesy's just getting started. )

This is my brother Pierre and I (We're cute, I know). He's turning 12 tommorrow, so he's still quite the youngling! But somehow he's one of the most mature, intelligent, kind-hearted, wonderful people I've ever met. He's the type to walk into my room and see that I'd been crying, and walk up to me and give me a hug, or go back to his room to grab a chocolate for me from his prized candy stash. One day that has been especially burnt into my memory was a day where he went above and beyond on the caring-brother scale. 

My family was up in the country-side at my aunt's house for a vacation this past summer, house sitting for her. It was a really rough week for me as I was going through some really emotional stuff.  I was already struggling to keep it together when I had a really big fight with my sister.
(I love her too, of course. But we fight like sisters.)
(Probably because we are sisters... funny that!) 

Anyway. Looking back and recounting this, I feel like a bit of a drama queen, but it was almost like I went on autopilot when I ran from the house and into the forest where my uncle had built a cabin by a large tobogganing hill. I just needed to get away I guess, spend sometime on my own which is hard to do when on vacation with your family. Eventually though, my little brother poked his head through the pathway in the trees and walked up to the cabin. He sat next to me on the porch until I felt happy again. He brought me my shoes, because I had run barefoot, and walked back with me trying to make me laugh the whole way. I swear it's one of the sweetest things anyone's ever done and I will forever owe him for that day. He stands up for me, jokes around with me, and always knocks on my bedroom door to say goodnight before he goes to bed. He came to my graduation ceremonies, my pre-prom, everything. 

(We get cuter with every picture, our genetics are just so great aren't they?)

I wish I could give him a hug right now. I get to see him tomorrow for his birthday dinner and I got him a book on WW2 and some gummy candies I found shaped like those green toy soldiers. Really excited to give them to him!

So here's to the best brother I could ever ask for, Happy Birthday little guy! You rock.


  1. Love this post! So sweet. Family is just the best :)
    And you two are adorable!

  2. Aww this is so lovely!you two are so cute.This reminds me of my 6 year old sister. If I'm sad she'll hug me or slip a little drawing she did of me on a sunny island under the door. Love her to bits <3

  3. Wow, what a great brother! I don't have any brothers but I always imagined them throwing bugs and frogs on me and stuff. He sounds like a keeper though. And I love his name!

  4. Aw Katia, this is so nice! Sibling bonds are pretty special <3
    I heard somewhere that artists are drawn to drawing people that look like them or something (I can't remember exactly), but here in the first picture your brother reminds me a bit of your illustration style! I don't know if I'm imagining things, maybe I just think he looks like you, haha.
    Happy birthday to him!!