Monday, March 5, 2012

A busy kind of lately.

My life's been nothing but assignments, essays, social outings, stress, AND fun for the past little bit. I feel like my spring break/reading week threw me off a little and I am still trying to get back into the swing of working hard.

Last friday though, I did make some time to go thrifting with my friend Katharine! I found some great stuff, and to be honest, I am so over eager.... and I may have bought some things for my "future apartment" for when I move out..... what can I say. When something's just toooo cute to give up, AND is at a fantastic thrifty price? How could I not?

Now does it make sense that I couldn't pass up these mugs? The pattern is just WAY too cute to handle, the delicate little flowers and soft colours. To die for.
(And hey. We had stumbled upon a T-Rex phone. And we managed not to buy it after reasoning that neither of us uses or HAS a landline. Now that my friends is self restraint to the freakin' max)

ALSO, anyone remember about a month ago when I posted about wanting a leopard print coat?
Well. Guess who found a perfect-beyond-perfect one at Value Village for 12 bucks? UHYEAH THAT'D BE ME. It's warm. It's as soft as I'd imagine a baby panda to be, and it looks rawkin'. So pleased.

I've really been swamped in all I've been doing, so I don't have much else to say other than that I have some (what I think are) WICKED pieces to show you guys soon, I'm really excited - I bought two more prismacolour markers (a light blue and light pink) and they've been just as exciting as each of the ones before them!

Oh. I also spilled chamomile tea on my laptop. I was INCREDIBLY fortunate and the only thing it seems to have damaged is a part of the keyboard - but the screen still works, computer itself works, thank goodness. So for now I have a usb keyboard to last me until I figure out how to get this fixed. Still kind of a bummer though. Ugh.

Anyway. I hope you are all well :) I'll get back to posting better posts soon - y'know, once my fingers aren't dead from typing my numerous papers and essays on this clunker of a keyboard (I'm not used to this!!). Oh well :)



  1. I just started my spring break (and expect to read a lot too). I foresee a difficulty getting back into the swing of things. But summer isn't soooo far off. That's kind of wishful thinking, but hey - we need it.

    Oh no spillage on the laptop! Good thing the screen works. That's most important ;]

  2. ohh, what an awesome coat!
    and i can relate, my life has been looking the same lately.
    all these assignments, essays and papers are driving me crazy!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. What great finds!! I love the mugs and that fabulous coat. Glad to hear your laptop is semi ok (sans keyboard) after the spill!

  4. So cool you found a coat like you wanted! I love when that happens.
    I still need to listen to your Zen playlist! I bet its so relaxing and good :)


  5. Your leopard-print coat looks so comfy!

  6. Thrifted finds are the BEST!! Loving it girl. You rockin' that coat :)

    I'm actually ring to DEclutter so no thrifting for me. I have WAY too much stuff going on in my room and need to get rid of things! haha

    Sorry about the keyboard situation :/ eek!