Sunday, March 11, 2012

Essays, Drawings & Creepy Photo Shoots.

I just finished writing an essay for my art history course that's due tomorrow and MAN do I feel liberated! Essays always weigh heavy on my shoulders. Usually heavier than other assignments, by like, 50 metaphorical pounds, at LEAST. But now I'm done, and I'm happy with it, and it was a pretty inspiring topic (African Bembe Masks/Figurines, if you're interested in looking it up) that's got me inspired for some pieces to paint!

And speaking of painting and art and all that jazz, here's a few sketchbook pieces from the past little bit. 

Also, my friend Caroline needed a model for an assignment, and it was inspired by a famous photographer (whose name I cannot recall) so it got pretty bloody! 

(Funny story though: the fake blood was made with cocoa powder, food colouring, and other edibles, and it tasted pretty good, so hello creepy Katia licking fake blood off her fingers like I couldn't get enough of it. It made my friend laugh anyway.)

 Caroline doesn't have a flickr (because she doesn't consider herself a photographer - crazy girl right?!) so I made one for myself and plan to post some of my own photos on there soon too! Take a peek at more from this photoshoot HERE

Hope you've all had a nice weekend guys :)


  1. I love those sketchbook pieces. You have an awesome style :)

  2. I agree about papers weighing you down. When I finish mine and print them out I feel amazing.

    Love those sketches and must admit I jumped a little when I scrolled and saw a bloody face. :]

  3. haha I love the bloody pictures. I like that your not afraid to do unconventional photo shoots or art.

  4. Love the art! the second piece is great!


  5. The drawings are amazing! I like the photos, they are really neat.

  6. Tell her she's silly, I looked at the rest of the photos and they are great! Also, I love your second piece.

  7. hahah it's super funny about tasty blood! :-) you look awesome on that b&w pic!