Thursday, March 22, 2012

Katia's Mixology; Fruits & Smoothies

I've been having a blast making interesting drinks for myself instead of just drinking straight-out-of-the-carton juices, and partly because my parents had a lot of unusual leftover fruit juices after a cocktail party they hosted. They made the most delicious combo!

 This fruit drink was made with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and passion fruit juice! Simply mix all three juices in thirds (I just eyeball it!). If you prefer it sweeter, I'd suggest adding a little less Cranberry juice than the rest of them. I can't wait to mix this drink for those super warm summer days when all I need is a big refreshing glass of YUM!

I also hate breakfast. I know - some of the best foods are breakfast foods (pancakes? waffles? TOASTER STRUDEL?! Oh my yum.!) I just hate eating solid foods early in the morning when my body doesn't feel ready to eat yet! So sometimes I make smoothies because I know I have to eat something in the morning and they're easy to make (I have a magic bullet!) and totally delicious! I usually have to make do with whatever's in my fridge though, so I often play around with different ingredient combos! I made this one yesterday.

Pretty weird combo right? That's what I thought too! But if you couldn't tell by my recent post about my Chicken Avocado Sandwich, I'm going through an avocado adoration phase. I could go into Avocadoholics Anonymous and probably benefit from it. (Except Avocados are legit healthy so I won't be doing that any time soon! ;) haha) So I decided to try it in a smoothie and figured Banana was a harmless enough taste to mix with, and I sorta just went from there. 

And to my surprise, it was actually delicious!

This post has really funny timing, because I just got hired for a job at a Starbucks! I'm basically going to be making drinks ALL SUMMER + beyond, and I am beyond thrilled. I've always loved hot drinks. I mean anyone who knows me knows I have at least one a day. So I love cafes, and I'm so excited to be on the other side of the counter! Though I'm well aware that I'll most likely have many customers a day that I want to punch in the face, but I grew up with younger siblings and I have managed to go many years of not punching them so, I should be good ;) Hehe kidding (sorta). Either way, I'm really excited!

(Plus working means more moolah which means more clothes...)
(I mean... more awesome art supplies.... duh....)
(I mean..... Rent? Food? Tuition? Darn.)

Life is good today. Let me know if you try out either of these drinks!



  1. Oh man! This looks so good! Am gonna have to try it :)

  2. I really want to raid your fridge. First you had those awesome sandwich fixins and now this?! Plus, your parents host cocktail parties??!That's pretty freakin cool. I agree about the avocados. I just ate one an hour ago on a sandwich. One time I went on an avocado binge though and gained a few pounds so I had to cut back. I could put them on everything!

  3. Hallo Katia! I love mixing drinks too, once I was in a hotel and I just mixed the two available, and a little beside me said, "You collized them ?!?!?!" I bet she just wished she could be that badass ;)
    I used to make smoothies a lot, always with yogurt though. The magic bullet works wonders, hehehe.
    One day will try the sandwich you put earlier, it looks so good! x

  4. Yum! I just might try that! I actually recently went to get a magic bullet but ended up with the cheaper version ;) Ever since then, Eliza and I have been eating fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning, sooo good! Congrats on the job!


  5. YUM! I think pineapple juice is the best thing on the planet. I need a juicer sooo badly.

  6. hmmm, looks good!
    i never make smoothies, but i'm definitely giving them a try!
    xo, cheyenne

  7. we are too alike! I drink a smoothie every morning! I use spinach, frozen strawberries, bananas and v8 mango juice. Delicious!