Monday, March 26, 2012

Playlist • Empowered

Remember the Zen Playlist? Well here's the second instalment of my playlist feature!

(psst. do ya like my little bicep buddy? He's so teenie and cute. And um, doesn't everyone refer to their muscles as hims or hers? No? Well. That's awkward)

It is no worldly secret that life throws us curveballs all the time, challenges that are seemingly insurmountable, mountains (as they are often called) that you feel can't find a way to start climbing (No this playlist does not consist of any Miley Cyrus nor any songs entitled 'The Climb').

When you are in such a rut with so little motivation, it's hard to have a mindset that gets you through it! And that's where music can help. Obviously, it takes a good attitude too, but some songs are super empowering and can definitely lift my mood and motivate me to push through. And when I'm already motivated? They keep me there! I hope they'll make you feel the same way :)

Take A Minute by K'naan
 I love love love the message behind this song. It's so different from today's normal pop songs and it's super meaningful! My ex had shown me this song while we were dating, and I do wonder if part of what inspires me about this song is who showed me - he's a pretty inspiring dude. Either way though, you can't get past the message that "giving" and caring is what we should all get off our butts and do!

Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
This song, relative to my short 18 years of life thus far, is kind of an oldie for me! I remember singing along to it when I was little and feeling really inspired by it. The lyric: "her face is the map of the world" always gets me and makes me think of someone wonderful who exudes worldly wisdom. Who knows if that's what she meant, but that's what I get from it.

Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson
Walking away from situations or people who are simply no good for us. It's so simple in theory, but when it comes to applying it to life it becomes way harder to do. Sometimes I need a little reminder from badass Ms. Clarkson over here ;) A lot of her songs are empowering, not just this one! Stronger (which I've posted on this blog before!) is another really good one!

Shine On by The Kooks
Another favourite band, and a sweet little reminder of a song!

Beautiful by Eminem 
(don't worry, I think this is the clean version! ;) haha)
Would you have pegged me as an Eminem fan? No? Nah, neither would I. But I am. The aforementioned ex also introduced me to some Eminem and I'm so glad, Eminem though arguably rude and violent, has some strong motivational messages behind a lot of his songs that I love.

What are your favourite motivational songs? :)



  1. Cool! Liked your play list. So where do you live? I hope you have fun in Beligium this summer, are you visiting someone or doing something specific??

    1. I live in Canada :) Thankyou! I'm going to be visiting some family, my mom's from there!

  2. I like shine on by the kooks(: I think I dont really listen to motivational songs...but I have like "songs of the week" songs that just make me happy(:
    2 of my happy songs this week (the month really...) are: dancing in the moonlight by the king harvest and mr sandman covered by pomplamoose.

    I hope you have a lovely week filled with music(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. Great songs! (: I really like The Kooks as a band in general, they have a great sound!

  4. I think Eminem has come such a long way from when he first started out. I've been a listener from the beginning, and I have to say I really enjoy his newer stuff. Great list of songs!

  5. great music!!!

    thanks for sharing!

    <3 VEGA

  6. Love it! I've heard some other songs from K'NAAN and everything he sings is so catchy!
    And damn, kelly clarkson looks great! Love her.