Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playlist • Zen

I make playlists like a mad woman. There are many categories of playlists on my ipod/itunes that are each updated every month. The categories range from energizing work out music to my monthly favourites to collections of romantic songs that make the wings of my heart flutter. I love discovering new music that just pulls me in headfirst and that I can't stop listening to! 
And so my brand new Playlist Feature is born.

Up for today:

Sometimes it's hard to find quieter, relaxed music that isn't sad, and sometimes you just want quiet music to fill the silence while laying in bed and contemplating the vastness of our universe (or debating what to wear to tomorrow's party. Y'now. Whatever.). Here's my favourite Zen music as of late!

No Diggity - Chet Faker
Yes his name is a play on the famous jazz musician, Chet Baker. Being the pun enthusiast that I am, I kinda dig it. In fact, I DIGgity. The opening reminds me of DIDO songs, which I love. Just love this whole smooth, chilled tune.

Video Games - Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey's become pretty popular lately, and I must say when I first heard her song "Born to Die" I wasn't overly impressed. But upon listening to more songs, like Video Games, and giving it all a chance, I've grown to love the unique sound and have become a pretty big fan.

Islands - Young the Giant
This band's music is practically on every of my playlists. They are just perfect. This live "In the Open" version of this song just tugs at my heart and brings up wells of emotion in me that I couldn't even identify if I tried. I SERIOUSLY suggest listening to all their music, the recorded versions and the in the open sessions.  Like, as serious as can be. They rock.
ps. they are playing a concert in my city TONIGHT. I didn't get tickets in time, and I'm really sad about that because they're pretty much my favourites.

Lost in the Light - Bahamas
This song was the free download on Itunes last week and I was excited because I had just been introduced to the band a week prior! My cousin actually knows one of the female singers quite well, which is really cool! I love little connections like that.

What's your latest greatest favourite "Zen" tune? Please share!



  1. Great music! I love all of them, and I've been in love with Young the Giant for a while now!! (:

    My favourite zen music is from James Blake. The Wilhelm Scream is my favourite.

    Also, I enjoy listening to this particular Youtube channel called Cover Brothers. They do AMAZING covers, and their style is so chill, it's awesome :D

  2. Ah, great great music! I've been stuck with the same old songs for some time now and this comes as a nice refreshment :) Thank you! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment! love video games :) xo

  4. Will definitely give this a whirl. I've been really uptight lately.
    (I also have a million playlists ;])

  5. Hello! I just want to say that your blog is so cool! You are stylish and lovely and I really like reading your posts! :)
    PS: Video Games <3

  6. wow!! awesome playlist, thank u for sharing =) I usually don't make them but I love to see people's choices!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this playlist is awesome! I love every song on it. They are all on my to-purchase list for music! Keep making music posts, I love 'em!

  8. love zen music, it makes me dreamy