Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yetti, Nessie, Biggie

Remember all that time ago I was goin' on and on about some art I was working on and excited to show off?
Well. It was a collage assignment, and I handed it in before I could take pictures to show you guys! I just got it back yesterday so I snapped some shots so that I could show it off :)

This triptych features the three legendary creatures: Yetti, Loch Ness Monster, and Big Foot. And for the purposes of a cool, rhyming name for it, we shall refer to them as Yetti, Nessie and Biggie.

(Artwork (C) Katia Engell)

RIP Magazines used for the purposes of this creation. I hope the god of magazines is pleased with my reincarnation of many National Geographic and Seventeen Magazines. ;)

Can we just talk about how much time collage takes? And how freakin' tedious it is? But also how addicted I am to it and how worth it it was to cut out each individual triangle of fur and each individual scale for these characters? Collage is so much fun to do and makes use of my natural 'material hoarding' tendencies, I think I need to do more of it! These pieces are collaged on a vintage wooden tray I had bought at Value Village because the separated sections made me think of religious triptychs that we studied in art history.

Long story short this is one of the pieces I'm most proud of from my entire first year of university (which is over next week by the way.... um... how did it go by so fast? Ah!) and I can't wait to make more art of this nature!



  1. You are such an amazing artist, lady!

  2. I already liked the little sneak peek you gave us, but this is absolutely amazing!

  3. These are freaking fantastic. As in, I would honestly hang these in my living room kinda art. I've only ever collaged boxes, you're really talented to be able to create a complete work of art out of them.

  4. those are awesome - what an amazing idea executed so well. it must have taken you forever to find all the right colors and stuff in the magazines then put them all together! i envy the patience that takes.

  5. Eeee these are awesome! I can't even choose a favorite.

  6. Wait wait wait so you make these with old magazine papers? You're awesome! :D

  7. Wow, this is crazy! It looks just like a painting - I couldn't believe that it was a collage at first! Looks great! (:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way! ♥

  8. How totally awesome!! I am loving your creations, and the name is perfect! I think the time it takes to create them is totally worth it if you are creating awesome things such as these guys!

  9. I ve never made collage, (i study art..) but you really did a great Job and i really like how they turned out, specially nessie (;

    Hopee you Have a beautiful day (:

    Carmila Ponycat

  10. Great piece of art! So cute :) You are so great and thank you for your lovely comments :)

  11. PS: Soryy for using "great" all the time :P :)

  12. Wow those are pretty incredible. I especially love the yetti!

    Little Lady Little City

  13. Wow!
    You did a really great job on this piece!
    Great attention to detail!

    <3 VEGA

  14. oh i love these!!! you are so talented! i have such a hard time with collage a) because it's so tedious, and b) i have a hard time bringing myself to rip up pretty magazines... ha!