Monday, April 2, 2012

A Reflective Kind of Lately.

This month/week brings the end of my very first year of University. It's..... surprisingly anticlimactic. But I think that's partly because I'm bewildered by how quickly it's gone by. I feel like so much has changed yet so little really has. I've learned so much yet I feel like I'm still exactly where I was last year - even though I know I'm not. This isn't all bad or anything - apparently where I was last year isn't such a bad place, in fact life is pretty great! 

I think I just need a change. I can feel it - I always know I'm in a bit of a rut when I start really wanting to change my hair colour again. I'm not going to because I'm determined to grow it out - but damn am I wanting fire truck red or lavender or turquoise. Hmphm.

Anyway, I've been focusing on my last few assignments and makin' them rawkin, might as well finish the year off with a bang right?! I've got a few posts up my sleeve, I'm thinking of doing one on 5 things I've learned this year - things that could apply to all of life, not just for university kids. Would you be interested in something like that? I don't usually do those kinds of posts but I think I'd like to!

And since I hate posts with no photos. Here is a photo of my friend Anna and I. We like cats. And she has an app on her ipod that lets you paste cats on your photo. And then I used this hilarious japanese-y site called puricute to kawaii it up.

We are mature adults finishing our first year of university - can you tell?



  1. I completely understand the need for a change thing. I'm also trying to grow out my hair but all of a sudden I'm wanting to dye it red or ginger or my regular hair with blue ends gah!

    -Franki x

  2. I think you'd look great with fire truck red hair! That 5 things post sounds like a cool idea. I think dying your hair is the best way to help get out of a temporary rut.

  3. change is good! it keeps you moving forward. you'll make the right decision. :)

  4. Don't forget our epic summer book-illustration plans!!

  5. I'm coming to the end of my second year of college and still spend too long on Photobooth with friends. If one grows out of goofy photos then shame on them!

    Congrats on the completion of your first year. I hope an opportunity for a little change comes your way. I'm hoping for the same. :]