Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sick Kind of Lately

Lately, I have been quite ill and unable to shake this cold! I do wonder if it has been my own fault for keeping myself so busy, but you see, things have been SICK in the awesome way too!

Check out what has come in the mail recently!

I ordered this adorable dress from Sam Wish a while back, she's got a series of "Back to the basics" dresses that she's made with recycled/repurposed fabrics and I just thought that this flamingo print was so adorable! Once the weather gets warmer I am SO pairing this with a belt and wearing this 24/7!!

And the extra plus side? 
Sam is the sweetest girl and I ADORE her blog! So I'm absolutely thrilled to have supported her shop AND received an amazing dress ;)

I also won a giveaway a while back - "The Cute Giveaway" by Jules! Jules is a fellow Toronto blogger and is absolutely the most positive joyful person I've encountered through blogging! I was SO stoked to win this giveaway, I mean just LOOK at all that adorable loot! And on top of that the awesome packaging. Made my day!

And last of all, just some instagram shots from lately. Study notes, a pedicure, a LOT of puppy love, a dress I didn't buy, and some other random daily happenings!

So exams are over, spring is (sort of?) here, and I'm still getting used to having free time when I'm not working! It always feels like I have SOMETHING to get done, some assignment to work on, some sort of deadline. But uhm. Not at the moment no! Though I do have a lot up my sleeve that I've been working on in the place of school work! ;)

I'm also off to a sort-of-interview for a second job in a few hours..... I guess I'm in for a busy summer (but I kind of like it that way ;) hehe)

Hope your weeks are off to a good start!


  1. Colds are always a bummer:( Hope you feel better soon!

    That flamingo dress is so unique and absolutely love. I'm always such a sucker for anything with animals on it.

    Best wishes on your interview! xx Marisa

  2. I hope you get to feeling better!!! Lots of sleep and tv show watching :) And I am totally drooling over that flamingo dress!

  3. Whaaat, I don't have you on instagram yet...add me: missteacups

    Also, Julie sends the best packages!!

  4. That puppy! I want to cuddle him! (or her) :D so cute. I love that dress btw, perfect for summer :)

  5. I love the dress, the print is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on winning the giveaway too, you certainly got a lot of stuff! xo Following you now :)

  6. I hope you enjoy your free time and you start to feel better girl :) Also cute dress ;)

  7. Packaging ALWAYS gets me. That is some adorable packaging, too.

  8. Nice dress (:

    Take a look some time,