Monday, May 14, 2012

An Appreciative Kind of Lately

This past week has taught me how short life is, how quickly things change, and how some things will always stay the same. I've always appreciated what I've had - but somehow that appreciation has grown stronger and I feel so thankful for the small things in life.

This weekend I went out with my friend Tiffany. We've been friends for a long time, but we went through most of first year not really keeping in touch. We reconnected though and I'm thankful to have someone that makes the most mundane things so fun! Things like doing our nails, spotting adorable dogs or babies while we're out, taking a thousand pictures, etc. etc.
I'm realizing through rekindling our friendship, which of my OTHER friendships are like that and how special they all are. 

After our night out we returned to my house for a sleepover, and it was past midnight so it was officially Tiffany's birthday! I surprised her with my cousin Benji (who she is friends with as well) showing up through my backdoor dressed in a suit with a birthday cake. She thought it was an axe murderer hiding in my backyard waiting to kill us. So after some screaming we all laughed and ate cake - is there anything better to do with amazing people at 1AM in the morning?

It had been months since I dressed up. Needless to say I had fun with my outfit for the dinner, all thrifted except the shoes which were my prom shoes!

We're goofs.

Isn't she gorgeous?

And the surprise! Isn't he the best? We're not related by blood but I often forget and say "IT'S LIKE WE'RE RELATED!" In that sarcastic way you say to your family..... except it IS like we're related. It's oddballs. But he rocks so whatever.

I appreciate my family, my friends, the good times spent with them and the opportunities I have to spend time with them. I wish I could write an entire post about each of my amazing friends, which I could do. But seeing as this is a "lately" post, I'll stick to the photos I have of lately. We can have more cheeseballiness some other time.

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(1. Benji & Tiff, 2. Kyla and I headed to go get her tattoo today, 3. Tiff and I getting ready, 4. My cousin Sabrina and I, 5. An amazing dress I bought yesterday, 6. Kyla and her tattoo! So good!, 7. My mother's day present to my amazing mom(who takes most of my photos just by the way), 8. Red lipstick.)

I might do a post on my mommy soon. In belated honour of mother's day. And even just because she's awesome. That is if she allows me to post pictures of her on the blog. She thinks she looks bad even when she looks beautiful - sounds like the most of us huh? ;) Haha

It's been a tough week but this is me looking on the bright side. 

What have you felt appreciative of lately?



  1. Wow I really like the title of this post! Like it totally caught my eye as I was scrolling through Reader. I love this post though! So ingsightful and well-written. Glad you have such awesome friends :)

  2. i really like the white top and the cake looks really delicious!:D


  3. love the outfit and LOVE the red lipstick!

  4. You look gorgeous, this night looks fun and the cake...looks delish!!

  5. This outfit looks wonderful on you! And you are stunning as always, Katia! Glad you enjoyed your night!

  6. I love rekindling old friendships!! Always makes my day :) I just wrote a post about how I have been reminding of how grateful I am for my friends & family. Going through rough patches, I definitely lean on them for support and I'm blessed that they are so solid. Anddd I love your outfit, you are too adorable :)

  7. You two are adorable!! I love that top on you, and oh my god I want to eat ALL that cake please!!

    xx PC

  8. Amazing Outfits!!


  9. Awww these are so adorable! You're just so beautiful.


  10. Aw, how fun! You are BOTH absolutely gorgeous, and 1am cake sounds good to me :)

    Following you now!

  11. You ladies are so cute!

    xo Jennifer

  12. This is so cute. Very pretty girls! I love the graphic at the top of your page! Did you do it yourself? Your blog is lovely.