Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bubble Gum // Illustration WIP

Thought I'd share this work in progress. I'm going to clean up some of the lines in the body probably - still debating adding pen outlines or just using watercolour to leave it softer? I don't know, I'm trying things out, this one's been in progress for weeks so I'm glad I got somewhere with it anyway!

There's a few art mediums I'm really wanting to focus on lately. I want to try more watercolour, which I think is so soft and pretty. I also want to try embroidery again, and even just writing poetry. Have I ever mentioned how much of a poetry junkie I am? I don't always like sharing it online, I like to think one day I'll get it all published and THEN people will get to experience it. But I'm thinking of combining my art with it, and sharing some. What do you guys think? Would that be interesting ish? Maybe?

Soo tired out. I feel and look so yuckbuckets and I wish I could just wear all my colourful clothes in time for summer. But no. Hair up, all black, 'comfy' shoes. I know I complain too much about that part of work. But I must say that's the worst of the job. The rest is all quite fun, especially when friends come in and order drinks and are all impressed even though it's not that special to make the drinks once you've learned how.

Hope all of your weeks are going well, we've made it past hump day! Woo!


  1. Hi Katia, this is Ben from Chestnutmocha, I do watercolors too, it looks cool! I like the circles around the face. I like to do a combo of watercolor and pen, too, I guess it's hard for me to leave watercolors uncontrolled and I like to have sharp lines somewhere... Anyway, I like yours!

  2. this is so so beautiful, girl! keep at it! and definitely share some of your poetry, I'd love to read it! :) xo

  3. i think it looks prettier without the pen. i always go overboard with the pen:P i cant stop myself =/

  4. Oh wow I LOVE it!! the colours are so soft and pretty :)Ooh do share your poetry! I have this newfound love for reading poetry. I think it can be really affective even if it doesn't relate to me personally, if that makes sense?

  5. i love it!
    i've always wanted to try out water color, it's so soft & pretty.
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Your art is always wonderful, and I'm sure you must know by now I'm a fan! Love love the colours you've gone with here.

  7. loooove this piece! i also hate that about work. it's hard to motivate myself to look cute any day now because either i have work in the morning and just come home and stay in my work clothes or i work at night and don't feel like there's any point in doing my hair all cute just to pull it up later.