Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Over-Worked kind of Lately.

Today was just one of those days. The type where you wake up in the morning at 4:30AM to make it to your eight hour shift at work at 5:30AM, and you have a text from someone that does NOT make you happy.

Then you figure "Might as well make myself some coffee like a big girl and since you're opening the store today you can't get any coffee before your shift there." So you make the coffee and you go upstairs to put on your boring all black outfit for work, brush your teeth and make yourself look half decent. 

Then you go back to the kitchen only to realize that you forgot to put a filter paper in the coffee machine so there are coffee grinds clumped all over your canteen and counter and coffee is spilling everywhere. But you've got 2 minutes before you have to leave for work. So you pile paper towel everywhere and just get the heck out of there, deciding to clean it after work.
Then you get home and can't sleep because you're full of caffeine from work.

So you're frustrated because you want so badly to sleep.
Insert a few more texts that get you riled up.
And you get me, here, blogging, lettin' it all out and trying to lift my mood by reading all of your generally much more positive blog posts! ;)

So now that that's all done and over with (kudos to you if you read all that), here are snapshots from lately. Even though it hasn't been much of an interesting week in terms of my activities.

My friend and I made ourselves some portobello mushroom mini pizzas for dinner the other night, based off the recipe I found here on Mel's blog! They were practically the most delicious thing ever and I am normally not even that big a fan of mushrooms (yet I chose to make these... I know. I told you I've been overworked! Haha!) and they took literally 20 minutes to make. So easy peasy and so amazing!!!

And some instagrams from lately. Crocodile earrings(stay tuned for a near-future outfit post with them!), food, food, food, curly hairz, wearing a lei at work, my best friend Kami, and my other best friend puppy Oliver. Honestly don't know what I'd do without that puppy.

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Happy Weekend Everyone!
I've got a few more posts up my sleeve for the next little bit, including some of my favourite outfits as of yet so I'm stoked to share :D

(please pretty please? :P hahaha)


  1. i really hate those days. i hope the next few days will be better for you! that's just crummy, crummy. xo.

  2. Oh man, you had a bad day. And don't worry everyone has bad days. I love these photos, they're so playful and fun and I'm happy to see you smiling with your friend there :)

  3. Food is always a great way to pick yourself up. In moderation of course. Sorry you've felt overworked. I definitely get that, but hopefully things slow down and you can enjoy yourself!

  4. Well I don't know much about the coffee thing cuz I don't drink it, but I've definitely had days like that! I hope the next ones are better!