Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Poncho Girl // Illustration

This is Poncho Girl.
I know, I know. I'm super clever at naming my illustrated characters. It's kind of you to think so.

Realized I hadn't posted any of my art on the blog recently (because I've been too busy to finish anything - wah!) so I'm hoping to focus some more time on making and posting my illustrations. It's probably the biggest part of who I am (the artistic illustrative side) and I feel I haven't been sharing it enough. It's easy to get so wrapped up in work and trying to fit in some social time as well as some online time and reading time and.... well, time for essentials like bathing and sleep. I also filled up my sketchbook so I need a new one that I can bring to work to sketch in during my breaks. That'll do the trick.

Though I'm going to focus on making more art, I also want to blog more about art.

I mean don't get me wrong. I love fashion.
A lot.

And I love clothes.
A lot.

But in the long run where does that get me? Maybe a few places. But that's not the point. ;)
Anyway. Poncho Girl prompted a little "I-Miss-Art" artist's rant about my own little bout of what they call artist's block. 

Long story short; I'm going to promise you guys some more artwork. That way I'm extra forced to make more. A little extra motivation never hurt right? I have some picture heavy posts coming up too, from stuff I've been up to. And some exciting outfit posts (back to fashion.... whatevz!!) that I'm stoked to share with you guys. SO BE STOKED TOO!!!



  1. She's awesome. You are crazy talented, lady. I really like this, and I look forward to more of your artwork!!

  2. I love her. You are so talented :)

  3. ah! i've been feeling the same way about my blog. it's so hard to make time for everything. love this!

  4. She is absolutely lovely! I love the softness you used in creating her too!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  5. I love when you post your art! Art and fashion go together so well, too. She looks like a Beatrix.
    I name absolutely everything. From my cameras to roadkill. <- weird.