Sunday, June 10, 2012

Belgium: Architecture.

I'm splitting up my 'All-about-Belgium' posts into three or four, starting with one (considerably photo-heavy) post about the amaazing architecture!

Wow-y. This is the first thing I wanted to talk about because it blew me away. Everything so old and ornate and magical. Every building has a story and every detail of it thought out so precisely. It's fantastic and it just sparks a daydream in me whenever I look at it all. 

These first few are the "Grote Markt" of Brussels, so the Grand Square which is a sort of historic 'downtown' of the city.  Each building was used for trade workers of the time, there's even little statues on each explaining what it was designated for.

This here is the Grote Markt of Bruges, which is a city known as the Venice of the North because it's got some great canals going through it!

Apparently Belgium was a huge centre for Art Nouveau architecture, including a lot of works by Horta who is really famous for it. My mom is a huge huge fan of Art Nouveau and so we went on a self-directed tour to see a few houses around Brussels that were made in the Art Nouveau style.

And then Antwerp! Which is the city where my mom grew up.

So even just by writing this post for you guys I've fallen in love all over again with the architecture. All the palaces even just the 'regular' houses are all so perfectly amazing and so different to what we have here. I love it.

Sorry for not posting all week, I've been getting over jet lag and trying to get back in the swing of things with work. But I'm gettin there!

I'll post again soon :)



  1. pretty! i'm excited to see more photos it looks so beautiful there!

  2. ho-ly. so great. living in america (and never having traveled overseas) makes me sad. i wish i could see truly old architecture. these photos are perfect. i like the second to last one bet. i absolutely love when buildings are all squished together like that. it looks like you saw some awesome awesome things.

  3. The architecture is so beautiful! I would love to visit those buildings in person! :)

  4. these are beautiful! Wow Belgium is stunning, hope you had a lovely time xx

  5. aw Brussels and Bruges are lovely, the rest of Belgium... not so much! ahah take it from me, I spent the first three years of my life living in Belgium - these are the best parts! ;) have a lovely time :D xo

  6. Wow, each building has so many details and points! If you got bored, you could just go stare at buildings! Pretty photos

  7. I went there this past December. It's such a fun place to visit :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}