Thursday, June 28, 2012

Madame Sugar Skull

(c) Katia Engell

Madame Sugar Skull started as a wide faced hipster with half her hair shaved off, she somehow ended up a mystical, day of the dead gypsy. Goes to show how things aren't always how they seem.

A lot of blogs have a series of sorts of honest, from the heart posts. I want to write a few. I feel like, lately especially, I've been thinking more than usual and have a lot of ideas and opinions that I think would be nice to share here. Interested? Maybe I'll make an illustration for each - and I actually just came up with this idea as I wrote that sentence so, I think I will do that! See how blogging helps with ideas and sorting out thoughts? I love you blogging.

And I love YOU followers! Haha.



  1. I always enjoy "honest to blog" type posts or when bloggers open up and are real. I think we ALL should start doing posts like that more. I'd love to read yours!

  2. I like it when bloggers go deeper than usual posts. It shows other facets of their personalities. I don't like how a lot of bloggers keep certain things hidden. I'd love to read what you have to say!

  3. This picture is amazing; you are very talented. Just that name, too - 'Madame Sugar Skull'. Sounds straight out of a fairy tale.

    x Katia