Sunday, July 22, 2012

Film Photos.

I have always. ALWAYS. Been a huge fan of film photography. I took a course in highschool for black and white photography where we used a dark room and developed our own photos, learned to dodge and burn and play around with them, and it really struck a chord within me. No matter how shitty a day I was having, once I got into the dark room I lost myself in the dim lights and little individual cubicles we had for exposing our photos. Some of my most fond memories are of my now very best friends sneaking up on me in the dark, goofing around trying to fit as many people into the revolving door to get into the room, eating skittles even though we're totally not supposed to. Actually - we weren't allowed to do any of that stuff. But it was fun anyway.

So I have all of this as well as a simple adoration for the quality of film photos to back up my love for them! I was inspired by Melissa from The 25th Hour (who is one of my longest term blogger buddies, who just got back into blogging! YAY!) to post some of my shots after she posted some of hers here!

These first few are from a disposable camera I brought with me to Belgium! That's my mommy right there! She takes mostly all of my outfit pics. She's the best.

Just a little bit of shopping.

Being a goof with street art.

These next were taken with my Holga camera while out canoeing for my best friend's birthday! Kami - she's actually my other outfit photo photographer ;)

 (Kami and her boyfriend Alex, both are the sweetest two people!)

Clearly I took lots of photos of them being all cute and couple-y in their kayak. But I'll leave it at that for now ;)

Do you guys ever use disposables or film cameras? I seriously love to, the pictures always turn out to be my favourites! But it's also expensive. I think I will try and use at leeeaaaaaaaaast two more this summer though!!



  1. I completely agree! I took darkroom photography for years and it's my all-time fav! I have a really hard time taking photos and letting some lab develop them for me. Number 1 goal at this point: a house with a basement so I can build my own!

    And it does suck that developing at a lab now costs so much. I hope that won't deter you from shooting more with film this summer!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog! WOW! I love this post. I haven't used film in years and years and years - but I really do love it. I think it looks amazing, and the idea behind it is awesome too. There's something about the pictures that are maybe a little more raw, a little less perfect. But I love that! These are great shots. They really scream "SUmmmerrr!" Love it!

    Check out mine?

  3. Film photography is so awesome. There's just something so fun about it, and actually having physical pictures in hand is a nice feeling. I love my DSLR, but I miss the days of film.

  4. I love film photography...that's actually how I learned too! I haven't actually used film in a long time, though I always appreciate the photos. Black and white film is my absolute favorite!

  5. Yay!! I loved these :) So glad you decided to scan them! I'm bringing my film camera to my travels the next few months so hopefully I'll have some more to share :)

    Melissa, The 25th Hour

  6. I love looking at film photos but for some reason have never gotten into taking them. I don't know why, really.
    You should take more!

  7. I love these photos! Film is great :)
    I use a point and shoot film camera (so pretty much the same results as disposable) as well as a film slr, which I haven't had long and am still learning to use properly!

  8. Love film photos, these are very nice. I like the one with the shoes and thing in the road! xx

  9. great pictures! i love the quality film gives photos.
    i recently shot with a disposable camera, but i still need to get those developed (:
    xo, cheyenne

  10. These photos are so dreamy! Really captures that 'summer' feel