Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Attempt at Embroidery

A few weeks ago I found some fantastically tacky doilies for sale at Value Village, and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with them when I got them - do some embroideries! One problem though - I've never actually tried embroidery before, no more than for half assed lettering on camp hats or camp tshirts anyway. So I embarked on my very first TRUE embroidery journey.

I made a piece dedicated to my grand father and things that make me think of him - chickadees and honeysuckles, I thought they made a lovely image together too. The above photo is a bit blurry (yknow when your camera takes two pictures, one blurry and one crisp, and you accidentally delete the crisp one instead of the blurry? ITS ANNOYING RIGHT?)

You can see the details a little more here!
I'm pretty proud of myself for the first time embroidering, I mean there are parts of the fabric that are being pulled and stretched funny, and there are stitches overlapping and I ran out of room for the word 'Remember', but you know what? I poured my heart into this and I'm so happy with the outcome. I'm thinking of putting in a fabric backing (to hide the horrid back of the piece... sheesh I have a lot to learn!), and to add some opacity to the background, and then hanging it with a ribbon tied in a bow at the  tightening part of the loop. And then I'm going to put it in my room in my new apartment! I move in August 1st guys..... how crazy is that? I'm so excited.

Hope you've all been having lovely weeks thus far! I work the absolute rest of the week, non stop. Yippee yay! But at least that means I get $$$ right? And I wouldn't be able to craft and make things if I didnt have $$ for supplies right? So it all works out in the end, right? ;)



  1. This is freakin' amazing! Good job! And congrats on the new apartment, girl. That's exciiiiting

  2. Amazing!! I've always wanted to try. How did you teach yourself?

    1. I figured it out myself! I sort of just jumped right in and tried to be logical about it. Logic and art - who woulda thunk it? hahaha!

  3. This is so lovely :)

  4. awwww it's so cute you dedicated it to your grand father! good job! that reminds me I have to finish my peonies cross stitching :-)

  5. It looks great! Did you draw the images by hand or trace them? Either way, well done. I can see a bright future in this for you ;)

  6. When I saw this on Bloglovin I thought that first image was going to be the one that inspired you or something...that is the best first try I've ever seen! It's beautiful!

    *PS there are 1,036,359 crisp accidentally deleted images out there. I do it alllll thhhhe tiiiime.

  7. wow...nice embroidery skillzzzz;D

  8. Wow that's amazing! I wouldn't be able to do that on my 20th try nevermind my first haha. I'd love to learn how though, I really want to make a cushion for my bed with embroidery design and different material patches :) Good job!