Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Look & An Announcement!

In celebration of Kitty Snook's one year blogaversary, I am unveiling a project I have been working on for a very, very long time! And to go with it, a brand new look for the blog! I wanted something more 'me'. I know the problem with that is - we all change, especially going through university and all these big steps in life (like moving out), so my definition of 'me' might always change. But this is me NOW, and this is what I'm working on NOW. So here we go!

Without any further ramblings,

I would like to introduce you to

 Solé Designs

Solé Designs is a soon-to-be online store where I will be selling one of a kind necklaces, some of which are pictured below! Each design is unique, and they make for a perfect, subtle-but-bold addition to any outfit! 

These necklaces are made with wood burning techniques on untreated birchwood. My focus while making these was to take a little piece of nature and make it wearable, but still natural! The process of coming up with this particular style of necklace really brought out the 'boho' 'hippie' girl inside me, and I channeled it and rolled with it, and boy am I glad I did! I sometimes wish I could keep all of these for myself ;)

These designs as well as several others will be available for sale starting 

the official 'one year' of this blog! I am starting out small, with just these necklaces for now, but I am hoping to expand Solé as time goes on and I hope you will all join me in this new, mini-business adventure and see where it takes me! I am so very excited to launch this store and I hope you will all tune in on Sept 8th for the big launch! I will have a whole set of posts lined up in honour of the launch that will be posted throughout the first week of September! I really hope you guys will be as excited as I am! I've come to realize that I NEED to live a creative lifestyle, one way or another, and I will be running this as a small business while I am studying, but who knows where it will take me down the road? I'm excited to see....

PS. What do you guys think of the new look? To anyone I have swapped buttons with - I will email you about new buttons // if you're still interested in swapping buttons. To anyone interested in swapping buttons - gimme a shout and we can chat!

*Note: I will most likely only be selling/shipping to the U.S. and Canada to begin with. This is so I have time to test the waters with shipping before sending anything overseas! Thanks for understanding!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Q&A Vlog! As promised...

Just me, answering the questions you asked me in my post here

-insert apology for being awkward and goofy here-



Friday, August 17, 2012

Sneak Peek: Apartment.

Any of you who follow me on instagram will have seen these already, but for those of you who do not I wanted to share with you a little peek at my new apartment! The move went smoothly, and I'm in love with the place so far! Obviously close to nothing has been unpacked as I've been living at my parents' still while I work. My work is a 5-10 minute walk away from them, so there's no point in my commuting at crazy hours when I could just walk. However I'm absolutely stoked to start decorating and putting the place together! Interior decor is something I've always been fond of but never been able to really dive into, having only ever had one room in a house ever. So it's going to be a fun adventure to thrift and create things for my place!

My white rocking chair, thrifted years ago in my over-eager preperation to move out. Also, a snippet of the awesome fireplace in our living room!

I bought myself a french press - I am in love with it, it's the first sort of functional piece I bought for myself for my apartment - aside from mugs. I swear my roomate Katharine and I are going to win a world record for owning the most mugs. These are some I thrifted a bit ago!

This isn't my apartment per say, but it's a pizza from a pizza joint around the corner from my apartment. It's the best pizza I've had guys, like, without a doubt. And I love me some pizza.

One of the first non-thrifted decor purchases, I bought a tapestry I intend on hanging in my bedroom from Urban Outfitters - I'm in love with it! I mean LOOK AT THE CUTE LIL ELEPHANTS!

And finally, this beauty arrived in the mail before my vacation. Do you guys know Ben & Katie from Chestnut Mocha? If you don't you should, they're two of my favourite bloggers and I absolutely love the little friendship that has grown between us through our blogs! They're so sweet, and Ben is a really talented artist! He's doing this thing that I absolutely LOVE where you can purchase a painting but the fun part is it's a surprise! I love this concept, I love that there's still hope for people trusting one another to follow through online and to take a leap of faith! This is the painting he sent me and I am completely, COMPLETELY smitten! I love his quirky style and I love canoes (How did he know?!) and I simply cannot wait to add this as the first piece of original art in my apartment! MAJOR thank you to Ben. I'm so so happy with it!

Anyway, I promise to take some proper photos and do a mini apartment tour once we have everything set up! Which should be soon - I move in more permanently in just a few weeks when school starts. WHICH I AM SO EXCITED FOR. I really just want to put this summer behind me, start a new chapter in life. 

Kitty Snooks is also turning 1 soon. I have big plans for celebrating its birthday. So stay tuned!


(Does anyone else immediately think of the Young The Giant song when they start talking about Apartments? Or am I just becoming a crazy fan? They are my favourite band, but.  Eh. Ps. that's a link to my favourite version of the song, incase anyone cares to know, hehe.)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Inspired: UO early fall catalog

all photos via Urban Outfitters

I melted when I Saw these photos on the Urban Outfitters facebook page, and in the email they sent out . They are so perfect and casual but awesome at the same time. I love that, though they are obviously still modelled and styled, UO manages to stay realistic and flawed in a way where  I don't feel like I'm comparing myself to these girls - I just love the photos and the clothes and the styles and the look of everything here. The light leaks and frames, and that big  sky backdrop - really perfect!

I've been really soaking up inspiration lately from a lot of photography and fashion and various other things, and so I thought I'd share with you guys.


Friday, August 3, 2012

My family received the news that my grandmother had passed away yesterday. She has been ill with Alzheimer's for years, and we've been expecting it for years (I once said my 'goodbyes' in the hospital about 3 years ago) but she clung on. For her to pass away just a month and a half after my grandfather, well I like to think she was waiting for him. And I do not know in what I believe, but I do hope they are together again, finally.

So here's to the wonderful, incredible woman who taught me more than I ever realized about art, nature, beauty, simplicity, and what's important in life.
Rest in Peace, Farmor.

I apologize for any lack of posting in the near future, I need some time to collect my thoughts, try and move into my apartment and work at the same time, and just be with my family.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Need for Adventure.

There are so many places I want to go, places both known and unknown. The funny thing is that some of these places I have no name for, no direction or location, I just want to go. 

I want to see waterfalls that are larger than life, I want to climb mountains and swim in oceans. I want to smell new air, feel new winds tickle at my skin. I want to be amazed and discover new things. 

I want to be with nature, surrounded by it, and not just a groomed park version of nature - I want to witness it at its peak, I want to absorb it as it thrives around me the way it was meant to be. Raw nature. I want to see things I've never seen before.

I want to learn new cultures, experience them. I want to visit temples and historic monuments, feel the history they have as I stand where thousands, millions maybe, have before. I want to try new foods and new activities, meet new people.

Maybe I just feel so stuck in this job with a company that wastes enough milk a year to fill 2 olympic sized swimming pools - and that's just in Canada alone. I'm spending my time serving people, petty people, who snap at others for leaving a smidge of foam on their lattes or a little too much ice for their liking. I guess the idea of a wilder, free world out there for me to discover is just a nice opposite right now. But I guess I'm doing all of that so that one day, I will be ABLE to travel and do all these things I want. So I guess it's ok for now. Besides, we do make yummy lattes and drinks, and I do get to drink them on my breaks. So I'll try to just focus on my delicious soy, no water, chai tea lattes for now. 

(Yes that is 'my drink' and it is the most delicious drink ever.)


ps. I hate that I had to source some of these photos to pinterest - but I couldn't find any other source. If you guys know where any of these photos are originally from I would love it if you let me know - being an artist, I know the worth of receiving credit where it is due and I'd love to source these properly!