Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn To Do's

I've seen people post their autumn to-do lists around, so I thought I'd make one too! I love fall this year, maybe it's because this is so genuinely a new chapter in my life or maybe I'm really enjoying my reunion with sweaters and jeans, but I just love love love it.

Pardon my crooked writing. 
The one off thing about fall? Getting sick. I think my immune system is super susceptible to the common cold because I've already got one, and it's killing me. Ugh. But at least it's an excuse to rapidly deplete my tea collection (and subsequently, an excuse to buy new tea.. ouuuu). Roomie and I found a vanilla bean chai tea that we've both been fiending since we got it. I think types of tea are one of my favourite things to discover!!

So that's my list! What are some of your autumn to-dos? Do we have any of the same? ;)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Likeable Links v. 1.0

Ou I have never done one of these types of posts - where I share links to websites or articles or whatever the hooheck I want with you guys! But this week I found a few that I thought I'd actually like to share because they are that awesome. So here goes!

1. These little poem-comics are from a blog/site called A Softer World. They are all in this format, all very strange and thought provoking and I just can't get enough. This is my type of 'peotry' in a sense, where you have thoughts that make no sense but somehow do anyway. I think it's absolutely brilliant.

2. Songza : I have tried using playlist-playing type sites before to discover new music but none have ever really clicked with me, as much as I like the concept. Then my room mate showed me Songza and I've been LOVING it. It plays continuously so long as your internet's not glitching, no advertisements between songs, and the playlists are actually super cool! For example.

The World of Bon Iver (my personal fav!)

There's a little something for everyone. Warning though; your hipster status increases more with each song you recognize or know already. But whatevskies!

So that's that for now, I thought they were really cool finds ;)
Here's some good news - my laptop is ready to be picked up from repairs, this means I can do ALL the blogging again, in a way that I like, with all my pictures in one spot, ahhh I cannot wait to get back into the proper swing of things! I miss outfit posts, for one. And now that falls' back I actually adore getting dressed and layering - even though I often find myself layering in a way where I just don't care and I want to be comfortable. I find that, what you wear when you're in your 'comfy clothes' to go out is actually rather telling of the STYLE you feel comfortable in too. That's what I've found for myself anyway. 

Now that my random thoughts have been laid out for you all,  I hope you're all having lovely weekends!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Thought or Two // On Celebrity Shaming

A Thought or Two is a series of blog posts based on, well, my thoughts! These are based on my experiences, my opinions, and my beliefs. These posts may not always make entire sense, but there's always a chance that maybe one single person is going to take something from it, and that potential is enough for me. It's also nice to touch base on topics that have been on my mind, and hear what others have to say - please do share your own opinions and thoughts in the comments (kindly though, of course!) Thanks for reading!


I've recently noticed a disturbing trend online of people tearing celebrities apart by means of poorly written, sarcastic paragraphs posted on the celebrities' facebook pages or on tumblr. These comments proceed to get tens of thousands of 'likes' and comments debating between fans and haters, often getting nasty at each other.

Now, I totally understand a snide comment or even a brief discussion amongst friends, maybe even a few laughs and eye rolls at a celebrity's expense. I'm guilty of it myself! We all have opinions and it's nice to voice them and discuss them now and then - even when they are negative opinions.

What I don't get though, is why someone would take the time to go to the celebrity's page and publicly denounce them. And not even with simple, crude little comments, but with lengthy, thought out mini-essays filled with wanna-be clever remarks. Well sorry, but you don't sound clever. You sound like an incorrigible Negative Nancy who has way too much time on their hands.

Why does Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's mutual musical mediocracy cause so much outrage over their engagement? Why would they deserve comments about 'the imminent ugliness and lack of talent of their future children'? They are engaged. Thus, two more people on this planet have found happiness with eachother. That is a good thing, a freakin' beautiful thing, regardless of who they are as celebrities.

And how about all the Nicki Minaj hate? It is still unclear to me why someone would suggest she 'fall off the face of the earth / kill herself' and call her 'a shameful excuse for a human being' just because they don't like her music and her style? It's not like she kicks puppies around and throws kittens off bridges or anything... You know what I think? Good for her for stepping outside the box in such a public manner, with such a critical audience. Good for her for making a one-of-a-kind persona for herself and for trying to do her own thing. It's far more interesting than all the glossed up clichéd female celebrities out there trying to blend in and be a traditional version of 'sexy'. I'd love to see the rest of us make such a bold statement, especially under the immense pressure of celebrity-hood.

I just don't understand why people take such offence to things so unrelated to their own lives. I highly doubt Avril and Chad are getting married for the sole purpose of pissing us all off. And let's be honest, they're actually kind of adorable:
Admit iittttt, this totally makes you want a big loving hug like that, doesn't it?
So I'm just a sappy sap face then?
Oh, okay.

What are your thoughts on celeb shaming? I know it's become part of our culture with tabloids and stuff, but those people get paid to write those articles. The people I'm talking about post them just because, perhaps to let out internal anger and a hatred towards life itself? Ok that's a bit dramatic, but whatever. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lately: Mini-Adventures

Hey everyone! I am still alive, just busy getting into the swing of things with my apartment and with school - both of which are going swimmingly!

I've also been uninspired to blog, mainly because I have not been on my own laptop for a week and a bit now. Mine's in for repairs - and I've been using my step mom's. Because of this I have no photoshop, I can't download anything (it's a work laptop), and I feel silly dumping all my photos on here when I'm giving it back to her really soon. I don't know. It just hasn't put me into the blogging mood. But that's ok - hopefully Earl will be repaired soon (that's my laptop's name - don't judge, shh.) I might decide to just buy a new laptop if the repair costs are too expensive. We'll see. *sadface*

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my photos from instagram of my mini-adventures this week (and a bit before for the beach)!

Had a great day at the beach with Tiffany to celebrate the end of a shitty summer!

Had my crazy friends over to my apartment. They had a little too much fun with my snuggie.....

Love catching people mid-laughter <3

Went to a pizza making party, and one of the garlic cloves was rotting in the shape of a heart!

Then I went to coffee with a new friend, and I got to meet her pug, Cruz. I fell in love with him! And am now even more convinced that I need to adopt a little puggy boy in the future.

(I went home with an instax souvenir of him, hehe)

Theeenn this weekend I went up to Hamilton (also known as Hamtown or Hamhood as of this weekend, because my dad and I make lame jokes) to visit Tiffany who is now going to school up there, as well as our friend Jeff. We went grocery shopping which was a surprisingly hilarious experience with these two. :P

(Tiffany and I are the obnoxious selfie-taking queens, oh well)

All in all it was a fantastic two days up there, Hamhood has definitely not seen the last of me ;) Muahahaha.

So yea, I know I've been in school for the first week but I feel like I've done more this week than I did all summer (not entirely true, but let's just roll with the comparison) and I'm super stoked to have started this school year off on the right foot ;)

Gonna try and get back into real real blogging soon, promise!
In the mean time,
check out the online shop! 3 designs left, but I am putting up a few more sometime this week! Stay tuned and check it out


Saturday, September 8, 2012

GRAND OPENING also known as Solé Day!

Solé Day has arrived! (I like to rhyme things, shh)

My online shop, Solé Designs, is officially up and running on etsy! 

I type this as I listen to 'Pocketful of Sunshine' by Natasha Bedingfield, the song that essentially inspired the name of the shop (as well as my tattoo, read here and here).  I'm just sort of sentimental like that. Can we just talk about the rush of adrenaline I got clicking ' OPEN SHOP' on etsy? It was kind of amazing. 
I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU with all of my heart for the incredible notes of support this past week as I prepared to launch Solé. I've felt incredibly motivated and inspired and I am very excited to see where Solé takes me. I have so many ideas for it, a few that I've already set my heart on. So this is genuinely just the start. 

I would be so thankful if you took a minute to check out my little store!


and be sure to 'like' us on facebook HERE.

Big hugs to all of you!!


ps. I am aware the USD prices look a bit wonky, it's because etsy took my Canadian prices and converted them. Oh wells.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Autumn n' Stuff

There is something about the inevitable arrival of fall that gets me feeling mega nostalgic.

There's a certain romance in the air as the world grows gold and comfortable. The leaves of trees are newly painted, and this time around mother nature's in the mood for reds, ambers, maroons; all beautifully blended together into a canvas of rich, warm forest.

The appeal of warm drinks is no longer lunatic - hot chocolates, spiced flavoured lattes, all things cozy and perfect for cuddling up with under your favourite blanket - another wonder now feasible in the mellow temperatures of autumn.

I guess part of why I think it's romantic is because, I can't help imagining doing said cozying up and enjoying all the beautiful colours with someone else. But this year I'm learning how great it can be all on your own too. Reading books, moving into my apartment, making art, opening my Solé business, my excitement for back to school. It's nice to have all of that to myself, my own little niceties to enjoy and not have to share with anyone. I'll cuddle with my blankets and big cozy sweaters, and I'll have pumpkin spice lattes and go for walks by the river literally a block away from my new home, I'll enjoy the trees and the fresh smell the air gets this time of year. I think that's enough for me this year. I think it's more than enough.

(I went 'back to school' shopping. And this happened. Yup.)

I went to my school's orientation today with a friend from last year just to enjoy the excitement with all the first years (We also got wristbands and maaaaayyy have pretended to be first years, picking up some free sample goodies. Shhh.). I just love the ambiance at my school, and I don't think I've felt this happy in months. Honest. I also saw some of my highschool friends from younger years who are coming to OCAD! I also just bought a new sketchbook, I think it'll be a new school-is-starting tradition, because I bought the same sketchbook exactly a year ago and used it for the rest of the year for personal sketches!

Also, been working hard on Solé stuff! This is my personal necklace, one of the very firsts I made and I just love it. I'm so very excited (for everything) to get Solé up and running - TWO DAYS GUYS!! I hope some of you are excited too!! :D

ps. Now that I've moved into my apartment fully, I have been reunited with my clothes. And as such, I hope to get back into the swing of outfit posts again soon! :)

pps. Do you have instagram? Mine is KittySnooks, send me a follow request!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's talk about Kami // Solé

Here is yet another 'if you've been around here long enough' topics, and I apologize if you haven't (I'm not leaving you out! I swear!) but, if you HAVE been around here long enough, you'll recognize my best friend Kami who takes pictures for me almost every time we hang out! She also was the first to wear a Solé necklace. Because she's just that awesome and always actually wears the things I make her and I love her oh-so-dearly for that (and for many other reasons, as I said, she's awesome.)

BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE POINT! You're probably really wondering what the whole point is by now. Sorry. 

Kami took her Solé necklace on a big arctic trip she went on to study ecology/biology/science stuff there! First off - how cool is it that she got to do that and see polar bears and kayak with beluga whales? Pretty awesome. I'm rather jealous, to be honest. Secondly - she wore the necklace the whole freakin' time! It warms my heart that she loves it that much, AND, to know that a little piece of me went along with her through all of those adventures!

AWE. How cute is she? Want to know some AWESOME news? Kami's starting her own blog (finally! after years of reading so many blogs) that can be found here! It's still in its beginner stages, but let me just warn you of the mutual bloggy awesomeness that might occur between her and I once it's all up and running. It's going to be fantastic.

(I have censor pugged everyone except Kami in these photos, just because I don't actually know these folk and I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy!!)

I'm in a good mood today.
This summer has been so so rough and I'm still trying to let myself 'let go' of everything that happened and move on, and I'm starting to! I'm really looking forward to this school year, my apartment, and Solé! So I realize my writing is far more energetic than it's been this past summer, I'm just pretty awake and excited for all the good things that are to come.
 And I love writing about my best friend, duh ;)

Oh, I'm also finally bringing my laptop in to be fixed (the keyboard has been broken all summer. For example:

thius ius m,e tryiung to type norm,ally on m,y real jkeyboard iunstead of m,y iusb pliug iun jkeyboard

yea. No good for taking notes in class right?)
So I might be off of the internetz a while, depending on what exactly needs to be fixed. We'll see! But the big Solé launch is obviously still going to be happening this saturday so stay tuned!!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Story Behind Solé

For as long as I can remember I've been wanting to sell the things I make. In grade 5 I made friendship bracelets of all sorts of varieties and sold them, made custom orders, for anywhere between 25 cents and 2$. I raised about 200$ and donated it to the Canadian MS Society.

(my carved necklaces)

Then I got into knitting, and I eventually thought I could sell that. And I thought - ok, but what honestly makes my knitting different than everyone else's? And I couldn't find an answer, and so I didn't go through with that. And then I started carving wooden necklace pendants for a school assignment, and it was the first time I felt I had actually done something unique. However, carving was far too time consuming, and finicky, and I was so bad at avoiding my hands with the carving tools, I figured that in order to avoid severe injury (ha) I should try something else. I still wanted to work with wood though, so I played around with designs, illustrating on wood, techniques, etc. and eventually landed on what I have now!

Then came the name.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll probably remember when I got my sunshine tattoo (read more here). And even if you don't remember that you've probably noticed it in my photos before. So the sun has a whole lot of significance to me and it's a personal symbol of happiness, strength, optimism, hope, and much more. I wanted my brand name to be something that wouldn't lose meaning to me over the course of a year. So I played with it, and love the sound of it in French; 'Soleil'. However I knew that in English there may be some pronunciation issues. So I threw in the accent, that way it was apparent that it meant to sound french AND it was more unique and spunky. I love it!

Stay tuned this week for more Solé goodness !!