Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lately: Mini-Adventures

Hey everyone! I am still alive, just busy getting into the swing of things with my apartment and with school - both of which are going swimmingly!

I've also been uninspired to blog, mainly because I have not been on my own laptop for a week and a bit now. Mine's in for repairs - and I've been using my step mom's. Because of this I have no photoshop, I can't download anything (it's a work laptop), and I feel silly dumping all my photos on here when I'm giving it back to her really soon. I don't know. It just hasn't put me into the blogging mood. But that's ok - hopefully Earl will be repaired soon (that's my laptop's name - don't judge, shh.) I might decide to just buy a new laptop if the repair costs are too expensive. We'll see. *sadface*

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my photos from instagram of my mini-adventures this week (and a bit before for the beach)!

Had a great day at the beach with Tiffany to celebrate the end of a shitty summer!

Had my crazy friends over to my apartment. They had a little too much fun with my snuggie.....

Love catching people mid-laughter <3

Went to a pizza making party, and one of the garlic cloves was rotting in the shape of a heart!

Then I went to coffee with a new friend, and I got to meet her pug, Cruz. I fell in love with him! And am now even more convinced that I need to adopt a little puggy boy in the future.

(I went home with an instax souvenir of him, hehe)

Theeenn this weekend I went up to Hamilton (also known as Hamtown or Hamhood as of this weekend, because my dad and I make lame jokes) to visit Tiffany who is now going to school up there, as well as our friend Jeff. We went grocery shopping which was a surprisingly hilarious experience with these two. :P

(Tiffany and I are the obnoxious selfie-taking queens, oh well)

All in all it was a fantastic two days up there, Hamhood has definitely not seen the last of me ;) Muahahaha.

So yea, I know I've been in school for the first week but I feel like I've done more this week than I did all summer (not entirely true, but let's just roll with the comparison) and I'm super stoked to have started this school year off on the right foot ;)

Gonna try and get back into real real blogging soon, promise!
In the mean time,
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  1. Looks like you're having a load of fun! Pugs are so precious <3 my friend has one and he makes the cutest noises and sticks his tongue out all the time

  2. aww, it looks like you had quite a great week!
    the pictures are so much fun (:
    xo, cheyenne

  3. I'm glad you're having fun! Sometimes a little blog break is in order.

  4. fun pics! i love your blog.

  5. oh hey. i have the same snuggie as you. ha! :) also sorry about your computer problems! just got through those myself... and ended up with a new laptop. hope earl feels better soon!

  6. Hey love - I like your pictures, they look like so much fun . I'm sorry to hear about your laptop! Hopefully it is repaired soon. Your friend's pug is ADORABLE.

  7. My dearest Katia!
    I miss you! I am back to blogging (I know I keep saying that) but I am TOTALLY on a blog kick. I miss reading your posts but you look like you're doing beautifully! I love the new (well new to me) blog design and I can't wait to check our your etsy store! I want to feature you soon enough :) I'll email you soon!

    Love love!

  8. Aww, these photos are so fun! I feel you about your laptop though. When mine wouldn't turn on for a few days, I though my life was over, I lost everything, etc. Hopefully Earl will be fixed soon :)