Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's talk about Kami // Solé

Here is yet another 'if you've been around here long enough' topics, and I apologize if you haven't (I'm not leaving you out! I swear!) but, if you HAVE been around here long enough, you'll recognize my best friend Kami who takes pictures for me almost every time we hang out! She also was the first to wear a Solé necklace. Because she's just that awesome and always actually wears the things I make her and I love her oh-so-dearly for that (and for many other reasons, as I said, she's awesome.)

BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE POINT! You're probably really wondering what the whole point is by now. Sorry. 

Kami took her Solé necklace on a big arctic trip she went on to study ecology/biology/science stuff there! First off - how cool is it that she got to do that and see polar bears and kayak with beluga whales? Pretty awesome. I'm rather jealous, to be honest. Secondly - she wore the necklace the whole freakin' time! It warms my heart that she loves it that much, AND, to know that a little piece of me went along with her through all of those adventures!

AWE. How cute is she? Want to know some AWESOME news? Kami's starting her own blog (finally! after years of reading so many blogs) that can be found here! It's still in its beginner stages, but let me just warn you of the mutual bloggy awesomeness that might occur between her and I once it's all up and running. It's going to be fantastic.

(I have censor pugged everyone except Kami in these photos, just because I don't actually know these folk and I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy!!)

I'm in a good mood today.
This summer has been so so rough and I'm still trying to let myself 'let go' of everything that happened and move on, and I'm starting to! I'm really looking forward to this school year, my apartment, and Solé! So I realize my writing is far more energetic than it's been this past summer, I'm just pretty awake and excited for all the good things that are to come.
 And I love writing about my best friend, duh ;)

Oh, I'm also finally bringing my laptop in to be fixed (the keyboard has been broken all summer. For example:

thius ius m,e tryiung to type norm,ally on m,y real jkeyboard iunstead of m,y iusb pliug iun jkeyboard

yea. No good for taking notes in class right?)
So I might be off of the internetz a while, depending on what exactly needs to be fixed. We'll see! But the big Solé launch is obviously still going to be happening this saturday so stay tuned!!



  1. What a great adventure you had and she seems like a great friend! ^^

  2. That's so awesome! It's so great knowing your friends like the things you make that much.

  3. All of the love! :) We will do a joint post soon <3

  4. hahaha censor pug =p i'm sorry that you had a rough summer, and I hope that you are able to adjust to everything...and able to get that keyboard fixed!