Saturday, September 22, 2012

Likeable Links v. 1.0

Ou I have never done one of these types of posts - where I share links to websites or articles or whatever the hooheck I want with you guys! But this week I found a few that I thought I'd actually like to share because they are that awesome. So here goes!

1. These little poem-comics are from a blog/site called A Softer World. They are all in this format, all very strange and thought provoking and I just can't get enough. This is my type of 'peotry' in a sense, where you have thoughts that make no sense but somehow do anyway. I think it's absolutely brilliant.

2. Songza : I have tried using playlist-playing type sites before to discover new music but none have ever really clicked with me, as much as I like the concept. Then my room mate showed me Songza and I've been LOVING it. It plays continuously so long as your internet's not glitching, no advertisements between songs, and the playlists are actually super cool! For example.

The World of Bon Iver (my personal fav!)

There's a little something for everyone. Warning though; your hipster status increases more with each song you recognize or know already. But whatevskies!

So that's that for now, I thought they were really cool finds ;)
Here's some good news - my laptop is ready to be picked up from repairs, this means I can do ALL the blogging again, in a way that I like, with all my pictures in one spot, ahhh I cannot wait to get back into the proper swing of things! I miss outfit posts, for one. And now that falls' back I actually adore getting dressed and layering - even though I often find myself layering in a way where I just don't care and I want to be comfortable. I find that, what you wear when you're in your 'comfy clothes' to go out is actually rather telling of the STYLE you feel comfortable in too. That's what I've found for myself anyway. 

Now that my random thoughts have been laid out for you all,  I hope you're all having lovely weekends!



  1. Lovely post. Great links!


    Holli xo

  2. The poem-comics are wonderful1!!! Thank you for sharing the links! Can't wait to increase my hipster level! :D

  3. I'll have to try out Songza. I've never really tried to use one of those sites. Thanks for the recommendation!