Friday, October 12, 2012

A Thought or Two // On Letting Go

(Lyrics from 'Slow And Steady' by Of Monsters and Men)
(image (C) Katia E.)

There is something to be said of the sense of peace that comes with letting go of something. It is freeing, it is liberating - any way of saying it, that's what 'letting go' does. Whether it be a romantic interest - who isn't so interested, a relationship gone rotten, an old grudge you've clung onto, a bad habit, any preconceptions of how life is 'supposed' to be, your strict sense of self - letting go can often be one of those life defining, 'epiphany' type moments. 

Sometimes letting go means doing exactly what is best for you, not everyone else. And sometimes' thats most important. Hollywood has romanticized the idea of holding onto things. Theres the girl that never gave up on the love she felt with the bad boy who ran away time and time again, but eventually came back because it was true love. There's the child who was bullied by a popular kid in high school who refuses the no-longer-popular kid a favour because they are now far more successful and still holds that grudge from way back then. Then there's the kid whose parents split up and no longer believes in love, but has a slight inkling of a feeling that one day 'the right person' will make her believe again. It's romantic - sure as hell it is. But is it realistic? Not really. I'm sure it happens, and I'm sure it's beautiful for those people in the end. But how often does that bad boy ever change, or the bullied kid and popular kid's paths actually cross again, etc. ? Not often enough to hold on so long when sometimes it's just so painful to do so. Except there's the fact that letting go sometimes hurts just as bad. HOWEVER.

Here's a handy little metaphor for you.
Say you get a cavity, but you hate the dentist and you know that getting a cavity fixed hurts like crazy, so you avoid going. You know what happens? The cavity gets bigger, and worse, and more painful. And in the end you'll still probably have to go to the dentist, and endure a couple minutes' worth of pain. But after that? You'll be pain free. The end. Happy teeth, healthy smile - oh the smiles!

So here's a challenge. Throw away the shirt you've kept so long that belonged to your ex. Burn those old sappy love letters. Delete those facebook pictures. Send someone you've not spoken to after a spat a message, just asking how they are. Shed these burdens and feel the weight lift off your shoulders. If you're ready for it (because, face it, as much as I just made it sound black and white, you still have to be ready. And some people actually aren't worth your time, of course.) then just suck it up, prepare some chocolate for afterwards as a reward, and do it. Just let go.

I'm ready to let go of some old memories, ready to move on. Throwing out a crumpled plaid shirt, and maybe some letters and phone contacts too. What are you going to try to let go of today?

ps. I let go of some of my damaged, frizzed, long hair;
I'm not 100% sold on the length, but it feels softer and healthier than it has in YEARS, so hip hip hurrah for that!


  1. This hair seriously looks so perfect on you. Total heart eyes!

  2. hooray for letting go! you are braver then me. i got my hair cut the other day and all i could part with was an inch -- i'd been trying to talk myself into 5-6 inches.
    anyway, it looks cute :) i'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it!

  3. Love this post, so positive and truthful! Letting go feels so amazing.
    Your hair looks gorgeous! Really suits you

  4. great post :) i struggle with not being able to let things go so bad.
    and mostly it's just a waste of time and energy!

    i love your haircut! the length looks great on you :)
    xo, cheyenne

  5. I love this post. Inspiring! I have a few things to let go of, but I think I'm still being a wuss about it. Making excuses about the timing being not right. Maybe this is the reminded I needed to do what's best for me!

  6. Chopping hair can be so hard, but you're right, it's oh-so healthy after!
    As is letting go of other crap. :)

  7. I've been meaning to comment on this post bc I read it when you first posted it.
    Letting go of things is hard but super healthy for your own soul.
    I try to do what you said and delete things or throw things away when I know I look at them too often or feel sad when I think about them. Harboring those negative feelings is hard on yourself.
    This year has been hard for me(bad breakup) and I'm still working on letting things go. Even thoughts I put in my own head.
    I think we all need to work on this more. Realizing what isn't healthy to keep around. Thanks for posting this!